back to article Ex-MySQL boss plots Second Cloud Coming

It's always unwise to count out Marten Mickos. The former chief executive of MySQL scored big when Sun Microsystems bought the ever-rising open-source database star for a cool $1bn, and seemed destined to bring this same Midas touch to open-source cloud computing vendor Eucalyptus Systems, the company he currently runs. But in …


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  1. phoenix
    Thumb Up


    Thunder and lightning on its way? Still can't figure out how an Australian evergreen has any connection with virtual-ness. It's pretty reasonable tat from my exposure to it though.

  2. martenmickos

    Australian evergreen

    The Australian evergreen was imported to California during the gold rush in the 19th century. Today there are plenty of Eucalyptus trees on the UC Santa Barbara campus.

    And the name, of course, also stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture Linking Your Porgrams To Useful Systems. :-)


    1. phoenix


      Ah yes shows I didn't bother to remember the meaning behind the acronym. Which must rate as one of the best attempts of creating one by bending words to match a real name.

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