back to article VMware goes back for seconds on stock buybacks

Virtualization juggernaut VMware was told by its board of directors last March that it could eat $400m of its own stock last year and through the end of 2011, but the company is still hungry for its shares. Today, the board authorized the second stock repurchase program that VMware has ever done, and this time said it was …


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  1. Mike Laverick

    PCoIP is a display protocol

    I'm not sure that the statement "PCoIP is a protocol for streaming PC images from central servers down to thin and nearly brainless clients created by Teradici"

    More accurately, PCoIP is like Citrix HDX or Microsoft RDP - in that its a remote display protocol. It doesn't stream PC images... That would be more like Citrix Provisioning server, or the "Transfer Server" role which produces an "offline" copy, caches to the PC in what is now referred to as "local mode:

    1. tpm (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: PCoIP is a display protocol

      Absolutely right. I meant PC image datastreams.

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