back to article Buzzmeisters value Twitter at $4.5bn

Over the weekend, the interwebs were a-twitter about JPMorgan Chase dumping a load o' cash into Twitter – $450m for a 10 per cent stake, said the Financial Times, which as you math whizes out there have surmised, would value the micro-messaging service at $4.5bn. There's one wrinkle to this rumor, however. As pointed out by …


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  1. NoneSuch Silver badge


    ...when you wonder why the worlds economies are in the toilet you now know that if a pile of endless and meaningless twaddle is worth 4.5 billion then all those mega-billion corperations are way over-valued too.

    Would not worry unless your pension or life savings are based on those over-valued stocks.

    Sleep well people. Sleep well.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Another JP Morgan con

    Google 'Rolling Stone Bubble' whose article gives a full explanation why twitter which has failed to make a single penny profit is being hawked as being worth billions, when in fact the only people to get rich from this will be JP Morgan and the twitter execs being paid off in shares they will dump for profit. This company is valueless, as are most of these Web2.0 companies. The bubble will burst and the loser will be Joe Public and their investments.

  3. Stephen W Harris

    Too big to fail

    In the next financial crisis, if JPMC goes down they'll bring Twitter with 'em.... _that_ will cause screaming!

  4. Cliff

    Oh FFS people...

    Did we learn NOTHING from the last dot com boom and bust?

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Of course not!

      Cash is easy and plentiful, interest rates are low, risks of inflation are being poo-pooed, Krugman is everywhere in the news and Bernanke is rolling out Quantitative Easing 2.

      Living the vida loca à la Keynes? What's bad about that?

      Hold on, there is a mustachioed guy in uniform at the door.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Do you people actually use Twitter?

    I am a noob with only 12 accounts, but I find it very effective.

    I am not being sarcastic.

    Megaphone for obvious reasons.

  6. Youngone Silver badge

    Pyramid Scheme

    That's all it is. I get lots these in my spam filter. Also known as pump 'n' dump.

  7. goldcd

    Facebook is worth money

    Twitter is not.

    Now we can argue over the precise amounts of money - but I use facebook and only ever hear mention of twitter when someone in marketing has decided they should be on it, but isn't quite sure why..

    Or, crazy I know - whilst the internet is full of stories of farmville making gazillions on Facebook, or some unsigned author making millions a year hawking their books on kindle, I've yet to see a single sniff of a story of anybody, in any way, making money, of any kind, on Twitter.

    Hi-jacked celebrity accounts, non-media-savvy posts by celebs, the mysterious convergence of the previous two incidents.. that's about it.

  8. Andy J Poulton

    Making money on Twitter

    At the last time of reading Dell were developing a pretty fair revenue stream through Twitter. £6.5m IIRC. OK, so it's not huge in comparison to Dell sales but I'd settle for the sum - and that figure is a good year out of date so I'd expect it to be more by now.

    Not at all bad for some free marketing

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Twitter ought to stick to being used to log on to Left / Right paradigm websites to continue the endless debate.

    Retiree's ought to buy Silver and crash JP Morgan.

  10. Chris King

    4.5 billion dollars

    They didn't say US dollars though, did they ?

    4.5 billion Zimbabwean dollars might be more realistic - I'm not sure what the current exchange rate is, but I think it's somewhere in the region of 20 billion ZWD to the pound.

    Maybe they can flog Twitter for a small bag of penny chews, and the buyer will still feel ripped off !

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