back to article Amazon confirms the terms of its declaration of war on Netflix

Amazon has finally confirmed what was Hollywood‘s worst kept secret: that its Amazon Prime customers will be able to get some online video for free, just like the DVD rental customers of Netflix can get online video for free. To us this looks like an early experiment, and Amazon is thought to have about two million Prime …


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  1. Ian Michael Gumby


    "Amazon has finally confirmed what was Hollywood‘s worst kept secret: that its Amazon Prime customers will be able to get some online video for free, just like the DVD rental customers of Netflix can get online video for free."

    Call me old fashion, but paying an annual subscription fee to get 'free' material, isn't really free, now is it?

    I have nothing against Amazon offering its members free access to material, but they should say *free for members only.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      They do




      a person who purchases goods or services from another; buyer; patron."

      "Amazon has finally confirmed what was Hollywood‘s worst kept secret: that its Amazon Prime customers will be able to get some online video for free, just like the DVD rental customers of Netflix can get online video for free."

      If you are not an Amazon Prime customer you get it for free.

      1. Ian Michael Gumby


        Try parsing what you wrote.

        You must be an Amazon Prime customer to get it free. To be an Amazon Prime customer, you have to pay an annual fee.

        Now I'm an Amazon customer, but not an Amazon Prime customer therefore its not *free*.

  2. Lance 3


    Right now Amazon does not have a player on the PS3. You can watch NetFlix on the PS3, not Amazon. If Amazon had a player for the PS3, they would probably see an increase in prime memberships.

    1. Mitch Kent

      Unfortunately wrong.

      "However with the purchase of LoveFiLM"


  3. David Kelly 2

    Amazon Browsing Needs Improvement

    If I know a specific title I can find it at Amazon.

    When just browsing I also had problems finding things of interest. Had problems limiting the search to free titles only, perhaps a deliberate design flaw. I do have Amazon Prime. The same interface which works for products isn't working as well for video.

    Am not aware of whether my Samsung 46C8000 has Amazon. Perhaps one day I'll check, have never been motivated to notice before so perhaps this move by Amazon is working.

  4. AndyM


    Amazon does have ps3 player it's called LoveFilm.

    They just need to extend the brand over to states, already got the tech in website and apps for iPhone as well.

  5. Blake St. Claire

    translation: "certain number of minutes" = ∞

    > ...Netflix ... lets consumers watch a certain number of minutes a month, depending...

    The only Netflix level with limited minutes is, or was, the $5.99/month plan – I'm not sure they even offer that plan any longer. It had a limit of 200+ minutes; i.e. if you'd used 199 you could still start a new movie and watch it to completion. And you were only able to stream to a computer. To stream to a TV, PS3, or Wii you have to have an unlimited plan.

    $7.99 gets you unlimited on-line (and zero DVDs) per month.

    $9.99 adds unlimited, one-at-a-time, DVDs per month.

  6. Anonymous Coward

    Different in Canada?

    I dunno about the NetFlix situation in the US, but here in Canada you can watch as little or as much for $7.99 per month, no restrictions at all. It's a very good deal.

    Although the titles are still rather limited, there's far more that I want to watch than there is time for.

  7. Matt Caldwell
    Thumb Up

    Netflix>Sliced Bread

    My partner and I have netflix here in the states. Along with a DSL subscription, it provides tens of hours of content for us per month for very little cash - important for two young students. I don't know how Amazon could compete with it, there is more content than we could ever watch, and the service is vastly superior to cable in all ways imaginable (we got a $15 antenna to pick up local digital broadcasts like news). Every week we stumble across one or three new series we want to watch. My biggest complaint is that not enough content is available instant view, so we are limited to about 3 Doctor Who episodes per week, waiting on the Series 5 disks.

  8. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    different in Canada

    The difference in Canada is finding 200 minutes worth watching with their limited selection - how many times can you watch 'Broken Arrow'?

    ps Free - Amazon prime customers pay $79/year to get free shipping, the movies are free on top of this. Alternatively of course it's $79/year for unlimited movies and you get the book shipping for free

  9. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Hmmm I have turned into a grumpy old shit....

    I am rather tired of ENDLESS content being shoved down my throat...

    I'd much rather enjoy and create my own content, and live a life of colour and climactic creativity; than to be just another couch potato watching "other people do it" in the never ending Hollyweird region encoded drivel.

  10. Nameless Faceless Computer User

    Netflix is better

    Amazon has miserable service and customer service.

  11. Michael C

    no comparrison

    1) it's unlimited at $8 unless you still have access to the $5 plan which did have limited a streaming.

    2) Amazon's storefront for streaming sucks, their recommendation engine sucks, they have no queue system, etc. This needs a MAJOR interface overhaul to be worth it.

    3) Amazon uses lower bit per second aka lower quality (enough to be easily noticeable per other review sites).

    4) Selection selection selection

    5) I happily pay $2 extra to be able to get those DVDs in the mail, for a large number of reasons.

    6) no consoles, no phones, etc. Netflix is entrenched here, Amazon is barely plugging along with some simply support forthcoming for some TVs and set tops.

    For people already paying for prime, this was a nice bonus. Personally, i could care less about the 2 day free shipping for $80 a year vs just waiting 2 more days for free...

    nice to see competition enter the game, but its going to be a few years before Amazon can compete, and netflix has the market and the capitol to put of a hell of a fight.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      By all means, please do

      Care less that is.

      Oh, there's only one Capitol, it's in Washington D.C. I don't believe Netflix has it.

      1. Tom Maddox Silver badge

        Pedantry fail!

        Even in the US, there are no fewer than 51 capitols--let's see if you can guess what they are!

        Hand grenade icon as the modern equivalent of the petard by which you have been hoisted.

  12. PaulW

    What I would like to see though...

    Is NetFlix not pulling movies once they are streaming online. Its bloody annoying to get half way through something (say all the Eddie Izzard standup shows) to go back to something you are watching and find that between today and yesterday they've pulled the damn thing.

    Also no mention of services like CinemaNow in the article? Its up there with NetFlix (mostly).

  13. Ashley Stevens

    No similar device selection

    I have a Tivo and WD TV Live Plus and I am a Amazon Prime and Netflix member. I have Netflix on both devices (the UI on the WD is better). Amazon Prime supports neither device. The Unbox player mentioned in the article is also NOT supported for Amazon Prime free videos either.

  14. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    Declaration of war?

    Tied up with a length of CAT5 and beaten to death with a DVD case?

    This isn't a declaration of war - its a case of run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes.

  15. hexx
    Thumb Down

    can't you at least

    spell LOVEFiLM properly? is it really that hard to do a bit of research before posting an article?

  16. hexx


    is already in Germany

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