back to article IBM reclaims server crown from HP

IBM has stolen the server crown back from rival Hewlett-Packard. For the past five decades, Big Blue was the top systems seller based on revenues. But then along came the Great Recession, hitting at the same time as transitions in the Power Systems and System z product lines, allowing HP to reach down and steal the crown away. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Larry Larry Larry

    Larry, How is that multi-billion dollar Exadata pipeline? The Oracle server business is a pig being bleed by Larry and it's 16% decline would be worse if it was not for the price increases while everyone else is dropping prices.

    Larry does not care about the future of the Fujitsu gear he just wants to make as much money as possible out of the install base. Sun customers who have not put a cease and desist order in their purchasing departments for SPARC gear are being fiscally naive and being abused by Oracle.

    Why the anger you ask? Well Oracle was just here and did a compliance audit and came down hard on our DR license use. They are using a change in their licensing model to say we owe them $20M in Oracle licenses because we "over used" the DR software. Their olive branch is for us to sign a ULA and buy two racks of Exadata. Some olive branch. They are trying to get us to consolidate all of our Oracle maintenance into one agreement so we can never reduce our Oracle bill and they want us to buy an extremely expensive proprietary box that I have yet to see a benchmark.

    Well the interesting this is we called their bluff and fired our Oracle rep. Most customers don't realized they can fire their vendors sales person. The new person comes by once a week to see how we are doing and is afraid to bring up the issue.

    The funniest thing was after we told IBM about how we were getting screwed by Larry they showed up with a box of about 50 IBM mugs for us to put on our desks.


    1. Jesper Frimann


      You can never get enough mugs.

      And you also need a good collection of mugs, so that you can make sure that you use other vendors X and Y when vendor Z is visiting.

      It's all a part of the game.

      // jesper

  2. Matt Bryant Silver badge

    RE: Larry Larry Larry

    Must try that trick, we need some new mugs!

  3. Anonymous Coward

    re: Larry Larry Larry

    I don't doubt your story, but do you really care about industry benchmarks? When making a purchase like this, you really need to do your own benchmarks that actually mirror your load. Most of the stories I hear are that when people benchmark Exadata, it blows away all others, but those are just the stories I hear. Industry benchmarks are for schmucks. Don't be a schmuck.

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