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Killzone 3's Infiltrators are a class apart. Camouflaging themselves, they mimic their opponents' identity to move unmolested through hostile territory. Then, when the pivotal moment presents itself, they break cover and wreak havoc on an unsuspecting enemy. Killzone 3 Smoke on the war ground, fire in his eyes Infiltrators …


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  1. MJI Silver badge

    I'm getting this and using Move

    Quite soon, I played the multiplayer Beta - that was fun.

    I will advise using and getting used to Move, on this game it is excellent, I noticed there was no mention in the review of Move. Pity as this is a USP on this game, it just works really well.

    Also I will admit i prefer the Helgast to the ISA - it is those accents.

    1. MJI Silver badge

      Why downvote me?

      I have said nothing to annoy anyone.

      So come on downvoter tell me why you downvoted me?

      1. BorkedAgain

        Possibly... ISA sympathiser?


      2. serviceWithASmile

        re: why downvote me

        don't feed the troll


    2. Anonymous Coward
      Thumb Down

      no, I am Spartacus!

      as above

  2. Bub


    It's interesting to hear the reviewer's opinion that the AI is dumb - many other reviews have presented the polar opposite - one in particular mentioned setting up bot vs bot matches and watching it play out. I'll be interested to see - mine arrived today! (my copy of Killzone 3, that is, not my artificial intelligence.)

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Lets be honest

    had it been an Xbox exclusive, it would have been a 95%, as thats how it works these days....

    1. Fisher39

      could it be because

      XBox 360 exclusives are actually better?

      Oh don't bother replying. I know that the only reason the great god Sony is failing is because Microsoft are buying support... yadda,,,, yadda... yadda

      Or we could be looking at a genuinely held view of a game that isn't quite as good as it should have been. Which is also true of pretty much every game to have come out over the last year. Except for BBFC 2 which pretty much rocks.

      Pass the werthers originals.

      1. serviceWithASmile
        Thumb Up

        re: fisher39

        I agree that regardless of platform, an exclusive has the *potential* to be better in almost every way as each platform has specific features that can be taken advantage of better if cross platform compatibility isn't a concern.

        But I personally have a distaste for anything that is an exclusive for no real reason - Halo 3 for example. 1 & 2 were released on PC and were both quite well received, I bought both and got very annoyed when MS decided I would have to buy a 360 if I wanted to play more.

        GOW2 comes under the same category also.

        You are 100% correct regarding BBFC2 - can't fault it, even if the singleplayer consisted of more cliché's than I can shake a stereotypical black sergeant (2 days from retirement) at.

        As I've managed to get myself a PS3 I'll certainly be giving the second KZ a go, I quite liked the first back when I got in on PS2. I'll wait for the price to come down on this though - that aside the screenshots look properly good.

        1. John H Woods Silver badge

          BBFC2 ...

          ... an update to the British Board of Film Classification?

          1. Fisher39


            BBC2 sounded plain daft.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Xbox exclusive ...

      That's not how it works ... a very silly comment.

  4. nemo20000


    It’s not Warhawk is it?

    Spam grenade for luck.

  5. TheRealRoland

    Review is funny, too

    Try and substitute words like 'war' with 'race', 'soldiers' with 'cars', etc.

    All of the sudden it could be a review about a racing game. Or a platform game. Or any other game.

    Come on -- the name of the game is Killzone. And you're complaining about the singular experience of having to kill other things hour after hour?

    Be real.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      you didn't read that right

      He's not complaining about having to kill things repeatedly, he's complaining about having to kill things in the same way repeatedly.

      It's the corridor crawl that is the bad point, nothing else.

      Apparently, there are a small number of scenarios which allow for different tactics (stealth, flanking), but these are too few compared to the rest, which is just wearing down the enemy before advancing to wear down the next batch.

  6. John Sanders

    Bad Boring Boated review BBB

    Another sleep inducing game review from el reg.

    I'm sorry reg guys but your reviews taste like a sandwich filled up with air.

    and bear in mind that I own an Xbox, so I do not say this because I'm a Sony fanboy, (do not plan to own a PS3 until XBMC is ported to it)

  7. JDX Gold badge

    [mummy] Why downvote me?

    Anyone who cares enough to post just to complain about downvotes deserves them.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      That isn't the point

      Reading the first post - I cannot see anything contriversal, all they wanted to know is why a post was downvoted when there was no real reason.

      Actually I think I know why - the Xbot army, they downvote any pro PS3 comments

  8. asdf


    Only reason to own a PS3 is because the games generally aren't available with better graphics for the PC. That said Sony has put out a remarkable amount of mediocre games such as this one this generation. They have also put out some lol epic fails like Lair.

  9. Matt 21

    Does seem rather a poor review

    Killzone 2 was very well received so describing it the way this article did is ridiculous. It makes the article look like either the reviewer has an axe to grind or they didn't actually play the previous games.

  10. lotus49

    British accent

    What the hell is a British accent?

    Is it Glaswegian or Cockney or Tyke or Scouse or South Wales or....

    Do you by chance mean a posh English accent? If so, that is far from being synonymous with British.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Brit8ish as opposed to yanks

      Ray Winstone & Malcolm McDowell are playing high up Helgans, yes that Ray Winstone.

      1. BorkedAgain

        'ave some of this... ISA slaaags!

  11. The Dark Lord
    Dead Vulture

    Staying in the Zone

    The Reg reviewer has completely failed to mask their distaste for this style of game. The review reads as if Mr Bailey's initial response to the task was "Killzone THREE? They made another instalment of this crap?"

    Killzone is an FPS, plain and simple. It's not an FPS which is trying to pretend it's an adventure game. It's got clearly defined targets, missions, processes and goals. They fit in with the storyline. Some people (myself included), like this level of focus and direction. I personally can't be bothered spending hours exploring/wandering about aimlessly (delete as appropriate) in the hope that I happen upon what I'm supposed to be doing to progress. Yes, it's fun discovering things, but not if that fun is only derived from a release from the ennui of trying to work out what it is that is to be discovered.

    KZ2 was a phenomenal cinematic experience to play, and yet one which facilitated your way through the game efficiently. I've played the KZ3 demo, and I'm a bit disappointed that they've jacked up the lighting to COD's toytown level. Otherwise it's more of the same only more intense and with more weapons. It appeals to me, hence my positive feelings on it.

    So, it's not that KZ3 is an awful game. It's not even that it's an awesome game. It's just that El Reg's reviewer couldn't stop himself from trashing the format and then trying to make his review fit his preconceived idea.

  12. MJI Silver badge
    Thumb Up

    Playing it and enjoying it

    Tescos for under £35 - no brainer really.

    Well it is an enjoyable game, quite a few hints if you are not that good including the up arrow telling you where to go.

    Graphics are good except there was some difficult to describe oddness with the sea.

    I am about 3/4 of the way through.


    The walker, the jetpack, the guns, Move support, Rico is a lot less irritating. Move ball glows Helghan goggle red.

    The minuses

    A bit formulaic, a bit on rails (few alternate routes), some of the cut scenes could have been played.

    Move plays brilliantly, a lot easier than DS3 on KZ2 and you don't get controller confusion with other games.

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