back to article Antennagate Redux: Consumer Reports condemns Verizon iPhone 4

The Verizon CDMA incarnation of Apple's iPhone 4 suffers from the same dropped-call syndrome as the existing GSM incarnation, according to the venerable American product tester Consumer Reports. As a consequence, Consumer Reports is not putting the Verizon iPhone 4 on its list of recommended smartphones – something that's sure …


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  1. Julian 3
    Jobs Horns

    Polished Turd

    You could sell Apple fanbois a steaming pile of turd fresh out of Steve Jobs arse and they would buy it in their masses!

    1. Tom Maddox Silver badge
      Jobs Horns

      Not entirely

      It would also have to be monochromatic and be called an iTurd.

      1. bluesxman

        RE: Not entirely

        I'm more inclined to go for "iPood".

      2. hplasm
        Jobs Horns

        At least-

        it would be available in white!

    2. Anonymous Coward

      What's worse than a fanboi?

      People like you who take every opportunity to post useless comments about stuff they personally don't like, in a vain attempt to bolster their own flagging ego. Intelligent and reasoned posts gain respect, this sort of throwaway crap is an embarrassment, whatever product or company it's directed at.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Surely you don't mean...

        We're expected to be serious?

        Well... ok, maybe we should be sometimes. But hey, taking things like Steve and Bill seriusly --- i draw the line.

        And when I draw a line... I do it in the The Gimp, running under Linux :)

      2. MonkeyBot

        Re: What's worse than a fanboi?

        Oh dear, someone hit a nerve.

        If you look closely you'll see he's not directing anything at the product or the company - it's YOU he's mocking and you've perfectly illustrated his point.

    3. Nadjau

      Hmmm ...

      I own several Apple products, including a 3GS, and they (mostly) do what I want them to do, which is what it's all about.They deliver value. But I've not been tempted by an iPhone 4, as it's a nice screen that does the same stuff as before. Which is not enough.

      I may go for an iPhone 5 or 6 if it delivers a significant improvement on what I have now. But I'm not so married to Apple's ecosystem to not to evaluate the alternatives.

      Android is very good, and will get better, but I do question an ecosystem where the proponent charges $0, betting it can maximise subsequent advertising $$$, while the HW manufacturers are reduced to "me too" offerings.

      Android strips away their ability to take the initiative and lead the market, as they're always following whatever Google comes up with on the software side of things, just like all their competitors.

      Nokia has got it right by stepping out of this zero sum game. Whether their alliance with Microsoft can deliver an ecosystem that is more compelling than Apple's is another question ...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        >Android strips away their ability to take the initiative and lead the market, as they're always following whatever Google comes up with

        Some 80 companies are involved in developing Android, not just Google, and almost all the others are the hardware and handset manufacturers you speak of. That's why it has achieved the current position so quickly, Google developers are really good, but not that really good!

        Many of the key OHA partners, notably Samsung but also Tosh, LG and a dozen others, also design and manufacture practically all of the iPhone's components. For them its a win either way and they're presumably more than happy to play along with the 'leading brand' game Apple so excels at.

        Back OT, one of the few components actually designed by Apple on iPhone4 is the antenna - presumably as some bright spark saw it as part of the core Apple hardware design activity which is enclosures.

      2. Vic

        Not just a "me too" offering...

        > the HW manufacturers are reduced to "me too" offerings.

        No, they're not. They're *offered* the opportunity to be such, whilst simultaneously being *offered* the opportunity to do whatever they like with Android. They don't even need Google's permission to take the Android code and do something different.

        > Android strips away their ability to take the initiative

        Not at all. Anyone can take any initiative; the fact that so many manufacturers currently are not doing so is because they see value in commonality, not because it is forced upon them.

        This situation might change. Or it might not.


      3. Steve Evans

        re: hmmm

        I don't think android strips away the ability to innovate and make a product "yours", just look at htc.

    4. Big-nosed Pengie
      Jobs Horns


      ...isn't that what they already do?

  2. Geoff Smith

    What, no duct tape lying around?

    Must be slipping a bit over there at CU*. Next, we'll hear they're out of WD-40 too.

    *Consumers Union, publisher for Consumer Reports.

    1. Chronos

      Who modded this down?

      Whoever did doesn't understand the two constants of bodge (no, not a typo) engineering that Geoff alludes to:

      "If it moves or contacts and it shouldn't, duct tape; if it doesn't move or contact and it should, WD-40."

  3. Chas
    Jobs Halo

    Whither morons?

    @Julian 3

    Guess you're so used to the shite that M$ puts out that you can't tell quality when it slaps you in the face. FYI, I've NEVER had a problem with ANY iPhone - they've all worked perfectly.

    Your loss, schmuck!

    1. JarekG


      "I've NEVER had a problem with ANY iPhone - they've all worked perfectly."

      Sure they do, have you ever try making a phone call (or receive one)?

    2. Dale Richards
      Jobs Halo

      Thither morons

      ...and as any fule kno, if "Chas" hasn't had a problem then no-one has!

      Buy the damn iPhone. Not that big of a deal, etc.

    3. Lewis Mettler

      hope you like paying high prices

      Hope you like paying 42% more for media subscriptions.

      That is what Apple hopes to pin on its own customers.

      Of course, it is trying to illegally cause the same high prices through more efficient channels such as Android or even the home web site. But, that would be illegal and Apple lawyers know it.

      But, then Apple customers are not very intelligent. So they most likely will never figure that out.

      1. John Molloy

        Misinformation Reigns

        "Hope you like paying 42% more for media subscriptions."

        Er, Apple wants to charge a company 30% if Apple generates the subscription. Apple won't take anything for the subscription if it is applied outside of the Apple's ecosystem. Apple would like the price of the subscription within Apple's ecosystem to match any offers outside the ecosystem.

        Would you care to explain why this is 42% more?

        More rampant anti-Apple trolling from someone who can't be bothered to actually look into it and do the math.

        1. It wasnt me
          Thumb Down

          O.k. Ill bite.

          Its closer to 43%.

          Company X used to sell a subscription for £1. Now apple force them to make it easier to buy that subscription using apple. But apple want to take 30%. If company X still want to make £1, then they must now charge £1.43. Which is 43% more than before. Why dont _you_ do the maths before you start foaming? Fanboi.

        2. Anonymous Coward
          Jobs Horns

          I don't know where the 42% came from

          But anti apple frothing because apple are trying to force anyone they work with to change there prices to match what apple want? Anti competative much? Dosen't sound like anti apple frothing but a valid criticism to me.

        3. RegisterThis

          John Molloy ... Simple arithemtic

          <sigh> ... for a moment assume you earn 100 X's for something you sell. Now assume somebody wants to take a 30% cut of that ... so you are going to lose 30 X's and only take home 70 X's.

          Now assume that you are not happy to lose those 30 X's.

          How many X's would you have to add onto those 100 X's, such that when 30% is deducted, you are left with 100 X's?

          Let's assume it is as simple as 30% more. That would mean that you now charge 130 X's. But ... what's this ... 30% of 130 is ... 39 X's ... so by raising my price by 30%, I am still losing and only getting 91 X's!

          But, wait ... if I add on 42 X's and charge 142 X now, then 30% = 42 X's. Hurray ... I still make 100X's even after paying Apple 30% if I raise my overall price by 42%!

          QED ...

      2. ElReg!comments!Pierre
        Jobs Horns

        @ Lewis Mettler: illegal

        The sad thing is that it doesn't need to be legal. I'm sure that Apple will be happy to remove that clause if they are forced to, but as they don't need a reason to refuse an app, they can still ban everyone who doesn't comply with that "rule" even if it's not in the T&C anymore. I'm sure there are a couple publishers around who will just choose to not take the chance...

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      You are a serious douche. No wonder people hate fanbois, its not the iproducts, its the f*cktard attitude of the fanbois themselves. You could rail on any company for one thing or another, but none are perfect, and the religion-like devotion of some of you people is really pitiful. There ya go shmuck =)

    5. Loyal Commenter Silver badge


      Microsoft make phones now do they, or was that a complete nonsequitur to start with?

      I, too have never had any problem with Apple products, since I have never owned any.

      Actually, that is a lie, I used to have to use Apple Macintoshes, back when they were still called that, and they were a steaming heap, with a clunky user interface, non-standard SCSI implementation, and stupid one-buttonned mouse, so technically I have had problems with Apple products. However, since this article is about phones, that could be considered an irrelevance...

      On the topic of phones, however, I'd suggest taking a look at the phones made by HTC, which are a more serious competitor to Apple in the hardware market than Microsoft, who , as I pointed out above, don't actually make phones AFAIK. I, for one, whould rather use a phone which isn't locked down to using proprietary software to transfer files (the crock of shite that is iTunes), but which allows you to mount your phone as an external drive and simply transfer any files you wish, and for which you can obtain software to play any media files you wish without paying tithe to St Jobs.

      Oh, and edning with an ad-hominem attack is always stylish, and always strengthens your argument, idiot.*


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo


    Look punk, I have never* had any problems with ANY of the Microsoft software that I have used over the last 30 years or so - NEVER*.

    * so long as you ignore all the crashes, bugs, features and security issues - just as you clearly have done!


    iphone 4

    so its happening again with a slightly uptodate model this is why il never buy apple or any of there products ever there rain of been top spot is sliping down hill because there a damn ripoff to i can get a much better phone cheaper that does the same things. why pay for something just cause its got a half bitton apple on it eh why bother your just paying for the name. think il get a htc or samsung thank you least they work lol

    1. Brian 6


      "so its happening again with a slightly uptodate model this is why il never buy apple or any of there products ever there rain of been top spot is sliping down hill because there a damn ripoff to i can get a much better phone cheaper that does the same things." Yeah and u could get some English lessons to. If u want a top end HTC or Samsung on contract it will cost u just as much as an Iphone. If u go for a lower end HTC or Samsung then it wont be as good as an Iphone. You pays your money and you takes your choice....

      1. Steve Evans


        Can you get iphone free on £30 a month contacts now?

      2. Adam 67


        The irony.

      3. Big-nosed Pengie


        "Yeah and u could get some English lessons to."

        LOL. Great irony!


        It was a joke, wasn't it?

      4. nichomach

        @Brian 6 - Leaving aside...

        ...the irony of your lamentably poor grasp of the English language:

        HTC Desire HD - Free, £25 per month

        HTC Desire Z - Free, £25 per month

        HTC Desire - Free, £20 per month

        Samsung Galaxy S - Free, £25 per month

        ...and that's from one site and before I even start on the free handsets for WP7.

      5. Arctic fox

        Re: Choice: Cupertino magical reality warp strikes again:

        In my previous post I referred to the Desire HD as being 60% cheaper the the iPhone4 16GB. I was of course typing too fast! What I meant to write is that the Desire HD is 60% OF the price of the cheapest iPhone4 and is therefore about 40% cheaper than the iPhone. That however does not change one iota the rest of my previous post.

      6. Arctic fox

        Re Choice: Cupertino magical reality warp strikes again:

        I have always taken the cracks about the Jobsian reality warp as examples of barbed humour until I read your post and realised that The Man From Cupertino really can warp reality for a certain type of iPhanboi.

        Let us take the OFF-contract price of the cheapest of the iPhone4s at Amazon: £599

        Let us further take an example one of the high-end Android phones the Desire HD available OFF-contract from Amazon for: £375

        Are you seriously telling me that it is impossible to get a more reasonable deal for a Desire HD ON-contract than for the iPhone4 (16Gb, the cheapest of the two iPhones) ON-contract when the sim-free price difference between them is over 60%? Because if that is true then Apple has a deal with the carriers concerned that the competition authorities ought to be looking at on the grounds of predatory pricing or Apple is taking a hit on their *own* margins that would result in their own shareholders going absolutely berserk. I do not know what Steve has been feeding you boy but just say no, you know it makes sense.

      7. DEAD4EVER
        Thumb Down

        iphone 4 reply

        i didnt mean contract you fool i ment on pay as you go and i didnt mean a cheap phone i ment like a desire hd or galaxy s there iphone beaters mate your clearly a ihpnoe fan with your comments

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      English? Have you heard of it?

      1. we are all ignorant


        Understanding for someone who's first language isn't english, ever heard of it bigot? No wonder you're anonymous.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    The iPhone may be an iTurd, but if that's true why would Google, Microsoft, HP/Palm, and RIM be trying so hard to play catch-up? Like it or not, Apple hit a sweet spot with the iPhone and the iPad and the rest of the industry has scrambled to copy.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      "....the rest of the industry has scrambled to copy."

      Another typical fanboi response.

      I hate to break it to you but there were smartphones before the iPhone and tablets before the iPad.


      1. Anonymous Coward

        The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

        Shame they were crap though.

      2. hodma727

        Pre-iPhone smartphones

        True - there WERE "smartphones" before the iPhone - unfortunately they were garbage.

      3. Giles Jones Gold badge


        There were MP3 players before the iPod too. But guess which one is the most popular still?

        The iPod had the most easy to use interface compared to all the other players.

        1. Fr. Ted Crilly Silver badge

          ah yes that right..

          So why then did apple cave in and PAY $100 million to Creative to settle a patent action with regard to menu structure etc.

      4. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Fanboi? Hateboi?

        Yes there were. And they were pretty-much all crap.

        If you don't see how Apple have completely changed the market - practically making the market as it is now then you must be blinkered by your anti-Apple bile.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          Re "Fanboi? Hateboi?"

          The only one blinkered is you, so much so that you're seeing things.

          Please point to where in my post I show "anti-Apple bile."

          I can only assume by your fabricated attack that you are another bitter fanboy.

        2. Anonymous Coward

          @AC 15:06

          Yep, Apple completely changed the market alright, now you can get a phone that does everything...... except, it seems, maintain a call when held a certain way!!!

          It's funny but I always thought it might be a good idea if the PRIMARY function of a phone was to make and receive phonecalls.......

      5. Anton Ivanov
        Thumb Down

        None of which sold

        There were smartphones before that - I suffered from having a surplus company XDA for 6 months in 2006. There were tablets before that - I suffered from having to use network test and measurement software that came with a bundled Tosh tablet in 2005.

        None of them was even remotely as usable as the iDevices. That is a fact.

        By the way I am no fanboy - my iDevices are obtained via skipdiving and run Linux (a 2002 TiBook and a 2004 G4 Mac Mini). However credit where credit due - Apple made both the smartphone and the tablet a mainstream consumer friendly device. It succeeded where Microsoft and Nokia failed miserably for nearly 10 years prior to that.

        1. Gordon 10

          Sadly true

          I'm no iFanboi having owned several 5x-6x win phones before my 3G and 3GS.

          Yes there were successful smartphones before the iPhone but no-one but the most rabid anti-fanboi's would deny that Apple have redefined the mp3 player, smartphone and tablet markets. Hate Apple (and part of me hopes they are punished badly by the Market for denying Antennagate) all you want but there is no denying how successful they have been in the last 10 years.

          Name one other manufacturer that has managed that.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward


            "[...] Apple have [has] redefined the mp3 player, smartphone and tablet markets"

            Marketing something is not the same as redefining a technology. Additionally, products have changed as a post result, not as a precursor.

            For example, prior to the iPod, most MP3 players were flash memory based, had better audio quality, removable chargeable batteries, swappable memory, AM/FM transmitters, AM/FM receivers and many other functions. Apple removed all of these features (reintroducing some of them later as "magical") and decimated the market, selling a garbage product in shiny colors. The key was marketing it as "cool" in order to con the people with no technical expertise into buying one. Now everyone duplicates "what works" which is a featureless stripped down music player.

            How many phones currently have swappable batteries? Why not? I'd gladly take a phone with a 4 hour battery life that I can just swap a second battery into than deal with an iCrap that I can never change the battery in. Instead of duplicating, phone companies need to go back to the features that Apple cut and prove to the people why they are valuable.

    2. JarekG


      "The iPhone may be an iTurd, but if that's true why would Google, Microsoft, HP/Palm, and RIM be trying so hard to play catch-up?"

      It's not a call competition.

      There is a competition in everything now days (longer nails, longest hair, highest jump…..)

      I guess the companies want to join the Guinness world of records for better looking Turd.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    'New iPhone has same fault as old iPhone'

    This is news ? If they fixed the initial issue then that would mean they would have to admit there was a problem, the reality distortion field will not allow this so the new 'magical/wonderful' device is pushed out with the same flaw. This is news ?

  8. Wang N Staines

    Work around

    use bluetooth headset...

    1. frank ly

      re. Work around

      ...and don't hold it in your hand (or your prehensile tail if you're a fanboi).

    2. Mark Hayden

      Nope, does n't work

      My iPhone 4 still drops calls due to poor signals when it's conencted via bluetooth. I don't appear to suffer from the grip of death, but just poor signal strength compared to other phones on the same network.

  9. Asgard

    Why didn't they just quietly fix it?!

    @"The Verizon CDMA incarnation of Apple's iPhone 4 suffers from the same dropped-call syndrome"

    As the problem had been identified months ago, they could have fixed it by now. Antennagate was over 9 months ago. Its not like they have to totally design a new phone. They just need to fix the case and antenna part of the design.

    Or is it they choose not to fix it, because that's like admitting there really was a design flaw in the original iPhone 4 design.

    The thing is, the way people have reacted to this new "Verizon CDMA incarnation of Apple's iPhone 4", it strongly implies people did expect this phone "incarnation" to be fixed. Well until they found the same problem with it, but the point is, the widespread exception was that Apple would fix it.

    Which shows Apple has failed to consider consumer exceptions. :(

    1. Gordon 10

      iPhone 5

      What's more worrying is what this bodes for the iPhone 5. It's suggesting that Job's distortion field is so strong that they may not fix the attenna there either.

      There will be a whole bunch of 3GS owners coming off of 2 yr contracts that may be put off Apple if they don't apply a fix in iPhone 5.

    2. nichomach

      You'd think...

      ...but I'm not sure they CAN fix it that easily; the whole phone is engineered to fit that case with that antenna. I suspect that a re-engineered phone would look very different, involving quite a lot of re-tooling. By the way, I think you may have meant expectations rather than exceptions?

    3. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Don't fix it if it ain't broke

      I don't understand what they are supposed to fix - I can't reproduce this 'problem' at all, nor can anyone else I know who has one. People are buying them in ever-increasing numbers, and enjoying them. I'm sure there will be a certain percentage of phones with a reception fault, just as some will have a fault with the screen, accelerometer, etc, but that's par for the course with mass-manufacturing. I had a problem with the accelerometer on an iPhone 3G, took it into the Apple Store, and they swapped it for a new one. Problem solved. I find it hard to believe this reception issue is a design fault when so many people aren't affected by it.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        re : Don't fix it if it ain't broke

        Hear Hear! Of the many people I have come into contact with who use an iPhone4 (myself included) none have had a reception problem due to the antenna design. It seems to me that the logic behind it is sound and I for one would be disappointed if they mucked about with it for the iPhone5. Leave it alone, I buy Apple kit because it 'just works' and I don't want them b*gg*ring around with a product that works this well.

        1. Anonymous Coward

          It's a genuine fault

          The iPhone4 antenna issue is most definitely real.

          Throughout the country, I've used plenty without cases. I have slightly sweaty hands it could be said, and the signal does indeed drop.

          The solution for the most part is to use a case.

          This problem is definitely very real though, but will vary depending on the size of your hands, how you hold the phone, etc.

          In a weak signal area, this is when this issue shows most. I'm Scottish, so I often see the issue when no case is used with the phone. When in London, very rarely have I seen it happen on my phone or others.

    4. Arctic fox

      @Asgard Re: Why didn't they just quietly fix it?!

      They did not dare. That would have been an explicit admission that there was a hardware defect with the original release. I do not believe I have to spell out the reasons why SJ would sooner have gnawed his own leg off than concede *that* particular point.

    5. Anonymous Coward

      Apple to follow MS example maybe?

      If you have a product that works and is very popular, you massively hype the follow up product but do something to it that will cause a massive out-cry. Then when you release the NEXT product, the sales will be enormous.

      For example:

      Windows 98 - very popular - hype up Windows ME - ME crashes often causing outcry - cue XP and huge sales

      Windows XP - very popular - hype up Windows Vista - Vista gets bad publicity due to compatibility and performance - cue Windows 7 and huge sales (not as big as XP but still people are moving to it from XP which they didn't do for Vista)

      iPhone 3G - very popular - hype up iPhone 4 - iPhone 4 has antenna issues causing outcry - cue iPhone5 and........ ????

      sounds like sound (But VERY devious sales tactics)

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    A spelling and/or grammar checker would help. Or is your post a product of the cheaper systems you favor?

    1. Gilbert Wham


      'Favour' has a 'U' in it over here on the righ side of the pond...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        And "righ" has a t in it...

        ...on both sides of the pond.

        The irony!

        1. Return To Sender

          The curse of typo correctors everywhere...

          Muphry's law. No, not *Murphy's* law. If you didn't see Tim Worstall's article on the 14th (re Oz outsourcing):

  11. JaitcH

    No one can accuse the Consumers Union of prejudice but ...

    once again it has given the fingers down to the Lemon 4 GSM and CDMA.

    This is a definitive test carried out by engineers with no axe to grind or fruit to polish.

    After months and months of getting their nose rubbed in it Jobs and company have been unable to do anything to improve the situation notwithstanding the CDMA signalling protocol is a little more forgiving. Claiming the software was wrong will never fix a mechanical problem.

    If Jobs stopped saying/implying he is the best or that Cupertino does quality people might cut him a little slack. The fact is he, and some of his employees, are plain out and out liars which doesn't help build confidence in their products.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      No one can accuse the JaitcH of prejudice but

      well your love of all things Google and hatred of all things Apple is so clear in your posts, it's pathetic.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward



      I was getting worried. An anti-Apple story and you hadn't shown up moaning about Lemons in the first couple of posts? Nice to see you are still alive.

    3. Tempest

      I guess Jobs has updated the old adage ...

      You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can fool all of the iPhans all of the time.

      Jobs has learned one thing, even he is not infallible - twice over, yet!.

  12. D. M
    Jobs Horns

    But there was nothing to fix

    Remember what Mr God said? "You simply hold the phone wrong"

    In the same way as fanboy/girl would defend their iCrap no matter what, I had absolutely no problem with my first car many years ago. It always worked perfectly, expect the engine wouldn't start form time to time, and turn on the air con would shut down the engine.

  13. Alain

    Not very smart picture choice

    I don't think it was a particularly nice idea to use that crossed picture of Steve Jobs to illustrate this article when there are news floating around that the guy might be living his last weeks.

    Not an Apple fanboy by any means. Happy user of a Nexus One.

    1. Gordon 10


      You mean acknowledging rumours and speculation on the Internet would be more respectful?

      1. Alain

        Did I write this?

        Nope. Just avoiding what I consider a quite aggressive picture when a guy is fighting cancer (this, at least, is not a rumour).

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          A cnut

          is a cnut, quite irrespective of his own misfortunes. Being ill doesn't excxuse generally acting like a Bond villain except in the case where it is the illness that causes that behaviour.

    2. JaitcH

      Jobs asked that his privacy be respected with regard to his health

      Therefore we simply ignore his health status and comment on him as normal.

      He is the CEO of a publicly held company and is therefore is subject to the normal constrictions they expect. Everything, except his day-t0-day health is fare game.

      You should see of the other web sites, one is even running a guess the DOD competition!

  14. Robert E A Harvey


    None of this addresses the puzzle about why the iPose wasn't built with GSM & CDMA & 3G from the beginning.

    Or perhaps it was, and only a software switch was needed. Now would that explain why the antenna was the same: the hardware wasn't changed at all?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re; oddity

      Actually, the hardware ahs changed, see

      Still doesn't explain why Apple didn't go ahead and design / build it with GSM/CDMA from the start.

      1. Tempest

        The price differential between ...

        GSM or CDMA *ONLY* and the dual function chips is significant. Dual function chips are physically the same size.

        Qualcomm needs it's pound of cash. And Jobs is cheap Real cheap.

  15. Andrew Woodvine


    It's getting tiring. That's all.

    1. wibbilus maximus


      maybe it's time for a change to iFans?

      1. chriswakey

        Required title is required

        Perhaps with the icon being noted Taff actor Rhys Ifans?

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward


          I think I read somewhere that he's now using the English spelling 'Evans' to avoid the years of hassle and cost of an expensive trademark dispute.

          1. hplasm

            Does he

            have an ePhone IV?

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

  16. Randy Hudson
    Thumb Down

    Consumer Reports loses its remaining credibility

    The Verizon iPhone was CLEARLY redesigned to address the flaws in the AT&T model. Instead of a single [gsm] antenna at the bottom of the phone, it has redundant antennas - one at the bottom, and another at the top. If you hold the phone normally, the second CDMA antenna at the top will not suffer from attenuation.

    Apple and fanbois can keep denying the original antenna-gate, but the CDMA redesign is clear admission of guilt.

    1. Jean-Paul


      Of course the antenna was redesigned duh. It is a CDMA phone, it requires a different antenna design. So don't be daft in your assumptions.

      Big issues in the test lab, yet millions of happy customers, and a few childish anti apple kiddies. Sometimes the consumer is right ;-)

  17. Real Name

    Not a fanboy

    But I can honestly say I've still not had a single issue witih the i4.

    can't help but think things are said out of spite then picked up and spread rather than actually giving it a chance.

    On that note - the new Blackberry can have its calls dropped if you hold it in a particular way. No ones mentioned that in any news stories yet... Maybe I can go grab one and test it again. See how people think of that...

    But hey...

    1. This post has been deleted by its author

  18. jaycee331

    "But I had never had a problem"

    Sure doesn't mean there isn't one.

    I've seen the antenna issue with my own eyes on a guys phone at work.. 2-3 bars gone with the grip of death. It doesn't necessarily result in a dropped call, depends how strong the signal was to start with. Now he has that rubber monstronsity wrapped round his no longer sleek and stylish phone and can actually use it for the purpose intended.

    I have a friend who constantly declares "it's rubbish, I've never had a problem no matter how I hold it". Yawn. He is fortunate to live in a strong signal area, so chances are he's a lucky one (like many others) who won't experience dropped calls because of it.

    Open your eyes deniers. The antennagate issue has a 1:1 relationship with that the signal strength was like to begin with. Go drive out to some remote rural area with marginal signal coverage (say 1-2 bars) and try the grip of death, then come back and tell us about this non-existant issue.

    Just because it hasn't been a problem for YOU in no way means it isn't a very real problem for others.

  19. Eddy Ito

    Simply lovely

    I love how the iPhans come out to defend Apple. It's almost as if Apple needs defending. Oh do they howl whey it's pointed out that someone else did "x" first but it took Apple to make it great and all forerunners were garbage. One would think this wasn't an evolutionary process of advances. Sure, the iPhone is pretty good today and although it is starting to show some age in the connection tech it's still useful for many.

    Also it isn't like those previous devices were garbage in their day, just less advanced and perhaps not all that enticing - how shocking is that? We all know cars made in 1927 were garbage because most of them have been thrown away, or worse - "customized".

    Certainly there were growing pains and everyone got to suffer them including Apple but the iPhans will say Palms, Treos, Blackberrys, R380s, Windows tablets, the lot, were all garbage but... quietly somewhere in the back of their mind they know the Newton was the best thing evar... until the i[Phone,Pad,Pod]. They refute claims that Apple's products are an evolutionary advancement but are instead a revolutionary victory declaring to the market that a PDA/phone need not be priced under $150, you just need to add enough stuff to make it compelling.

    1. Robert E A Harvey

      non titulus est

      "It's almost as if Apple needs defending."

      Perhaps people need to justify spending the thick end of 800quid on a phone? to themselves?

  20. Beachrider

    Consumer Reports credibility is intact...

    CU does tests with machines and shows the results. The signal loss issue is still present, they show it in their video. Bloggers here that assail their credibility just don't believe their eyes or don't take the time to see the video.

    The problem isn't unique to iPhone, but it is undoubtedly present in iPhone.

  21. Stew

    never had a problem with the iphone 4

    I waited until they brought out the iphone 4 on verizon, simply because I didn't want to go through the switch between carriers and any mess that might have happened porting my number across.

    I have tried and tried and tried and I don't have this issue that Consumer reports complains about. I am not in a particularly high signal area, I am on the lower side of a hill with the tower on the other side.

    I get 3 bars of signal when on 3G. I even wrapped my hands round the phone and still had 3 bars. I've tried several times and always maintain signal.

    It's not like the iphone was a compulsory must have purchase, I would have purchased an android based phone, it was the applications that I needed that happened to be available on the iphone and when I preordered the one in particular that I really wanted was not on Android (the day after I ordered it became available but that's another story).

    I am not a fan and I don't hold allegiance with any particular platform, as long as I can do what I want I don't really care.

    What I would say though is that if I had an issue that everyone seemed to be complaining about I would have thrown a fit and kicked up hell with my carrier until they replaced it with a different phone from another maker that did have better signal performance and if the carrier wouldn't do it I would switch carriers and pay the termination fee. Let's face it, you can get the value of the ETF back selling the phone online and reduce your losses to a minimum.

    Either way I wouldn't keep the phone based on the fact that it was an Apple Iphone and those that choose to keep their phone regardless obviously don't have as serious a problem as they imply or they would get rid of the phone.

    At the end of the day all this Anti-Apple, Pro-Apple arguing is childish.

    Consumer reports are misguided and biased simply in that all phones suffer from the same issue to some degree. My blackberry storm was by far worse and suffered the death grip just by holding the phone. At least I don't get that with the iphone. Every single phone I have owned and family have owned have suffered from similar issues, my dad used to hold his phone in a case using the clip as a handle because it would lose signal even with the case there and it was just a dumb phone.

    Time for all the children to grow up a little bit here and on other forums and blogs and for consumer reports to treat all the phones they review fairly.

    1. Robert Sneddon

      Fair's fair

      The Consumer Reports people did treat the iPhone fairly. They tested it properly instead of relying on one-off anecdotal reports and found, not surprisingly that skin contact with the bare antenna detuned the radio TX/RX subsystem in the phone, reducing its ability to maintain a connection in low signal strength areas and also increasing battery power drain into the bargain. No-one else designing phones or any sort of mobile radio system makes an antenna where the conducting element can be touched or shorted out for this reason. Holding the phone does tend to screen the antenna somewhat but does not detune it the way direct electrical contact does.

      The radio engineers at Apple were overriden by the case designers who wanted a Shiny! eyecatch strip of metal around the edge of the case. Even a thin layer of plastic or rubber over the antenna surface to keep fingers off would have prevented this screwup but that wasn't to be.

      Prediction: the iPhone 5 and successors will NOT have a bare antenna that can be touched by fingers.

      1. Lewis Mettler


        "Holding the phone does tend to screen the antenna somewhat but does not detune it the way direct electrical contact does."

        Anyone who knows anything about antennas knows this to be the case. And that includes those working for Apple. You can not be dumb enough to not know that.

        But, the designers won out. And the iPhone fails because of it.

        Consumer Reports is correct in pointing out the technical problem. And not including the iPhone on their recommended list. That does not mean it will not work fine for some people. But, it does mean that many people will have problems until they use a case or avoid touching the antenna.

  22. Suburban Inmate

    Nokia 2610

    Calls, texts, alarm clock, countdown timer, stopwatch, reminder calendar, around a week battery life, small and light. I'm a happy chap. Though whoever thought the silvered screen face was a good idea needs a ruddy good slap! In bright light I still want to use my phone, I don't need a makeup mirror. Ever.

    I do realise the practical needs of others may sometimes be much more, e.g. remote admin of a Level 1 FUBAR situation when away from your network and the PFY is stumped and the boss is having kittens.

    However, I suspect that many people need much less phone than they actually want.

    The one that keeps me warm and dry, thanks.

    1. TakeTheSkyRoad
      Thumb Up

      Well said

      That's exacelty why I've been content with my w880i for the last few years... small, light, texts, calls, picture messages and basic web. Job done :)

      However it doesn't do the "conversations" type of texting so if I want to check what I sent there's 4 extra seconds to spend navigating to Sent Items. Also skype via wifi would be a nice new feature but neither of these omissions would tempt me to a "smart"/fat phone average 500 quid.

      Tempted by those 7" androids though to replace my 1st gen ipod touch, particually if it will do the wifi and skype... just waiting for when those with capacitive screens drop to 150 ish. I see this as a PMP so no need for 3G or indeed any phone functionality

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    iPhone 4

    I think most of the bitter windows users on this forum don't realise that exactly the same poor quality signal occurs on almost every smartphone handset on the market I think the register is trying to make a new story where there isn't one, the signal issue occurs on all the other phone I've tested too, this doesn't seem to be mentioned in the article there are no comparatives. The fact that both journalists as well as users are publicly slapping Apple makes me think they're doing something right but as most people who are bitter about apple - can't afford it so act like small children and try to debunk the quality of the work on hearsay and slander which is pretty poor.

    The only difference between all the rest and the iPhone is the quality of software and hardware that is being sold. My iPhone 4 will cost me nothing when I upgrade next month, Because my iPhone 3 is still worth so much money. I've tried using the HTC, nokia and samsung alternative and I found that the software can be quite laggy, the hardware feels cheap and nasty and the overall experience is not good. The apple product in terms of quality is undeniably superior at the end of the day you get what you pay for, if you want a free phone, expect crap.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      AC: "if you want a free phone, expect crap"

      And if you want an iPhone 4, expect crap reception.

    2. Dante

      title title title

      You were doing so well until:

      "can't afford it so act like small children"

      ...and then it went downhill very fast.

  24. Dave Ashe

    The antenna is fine

    I don't know what all the fuss is about, the only place I don't get reception on the iphone 4 is in the basement in M&S - just like all the other phones i previously had.

    Every smartphone has the same 'death-grip' functionality.

    Who are consumer reports anyway? I've never heard of them before this...

    1. Lewis Mettler

      Consumer Reports

      Consumer Reports evaluate all kinds of consumer products from dish washers to TV to phones. They are not biased. Nor do they take advertisements to support their magizine. They may provide the only unbiased review of consumers products available.

  25. Conner_36


    As anandtech proved that apples antenna design is a two edge sword. You get better reception in bad areas because the antenna is exposed, but it's also easier to obstruct.

    I own an iphone and it's the glass that pisses me off not the antenna. The fact that I spent 300 bucks and have to buy a case so it doesn't break or scratch is BS. I love the iphone, but its the materials that they built it out of that sucks. Its too bad I really like the app ecosystem too much to make a switch.

    I have seen the new iphone get reception where the 3g couldn't, the fact you need a case so you can call at those locations is trivial. A case is a lot cheaper than a network extender.

  26. podster
    Thumb Down

    Oh look, we all love an Apple story

    Yeah, Apple is garbage, yeah why ?, coz someone said fanboy, yeah, iturd LOL, isheep LOL, itard LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL... yeah.


    Yeah, Android sux, yeah why ?, coz someone said fanbois, yeah, droidtard LOL, sheepdroid LOL, fandroid LOL LOL LOL.

    All pathetic.

    Like what you like, don't dis others for making a choice you don't agree with coz its not hurting you is it ??. Maybe grow up.

  27. Anonymous Coward
    Jobs Horns

    Apple's new line on reception

    I have both an iPhone 4 and a Blackberry Bold. One is able to maintain a call from my home to the office without a drop and the battery lasts days.... the other is my iPhone. After 4 months of call quality problems i finally got my iPhone replaced last week and the 'genius' in store said and i quote 'i wont gaurantee that this new phone will be as good as any other phone on the market for reception'. lmao.

  28. YumDogfood


    Thank you all. I've really enjoyed this flap in the peanut gallery.

  29. Mark .

    Re: What's worse than a fanboi?

    Except those are two sides of the same coin. I get bored of Apple fans[*] moaning at people who dare to use other products such as Nokia, Blackberry or those running Android (or those using Windows on netbooks/laptops/desktops). Just look at the fan who got let loose on the Register's front page with the "stink of failure" insult. (If "stink of failure" means consistently being the market leader, that's pretty good I'd say.)

    [*] Yes I use the correct word. "boi" has connotations in some gay/trans scenes of androgany, but I fail to see why either that has anything to do with phones, or is a bad thing.

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