back to article Lloyds, First Direct websites hit by payday outages

Customers of two of the UK's biggest banks were locked out of their online accounts this morning, as payday collided with an outbreak of server sleeping sickness. The problems came on the last Friday of the month, when many of the nation's workers pile online to check their salaries have hit their bank accounts and start …


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  1. Tom 15


    Actually, Lloyds fixed about half-hour ago!

    1. mdava


      It's still borked. You can log in, but you can't do anything.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    And first direct seems ok + in any case I got paid yesterday :-)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward paid yesterday

      Not if the BOFH had any say. Btw, it's about time, isn't it?!

  3. Chrome

    Doesn't bother me

    I couldn't find a bank that accepts peanuts so I get paid directly

  4. Anonymous Coward

    lloyds still down :-s

    lloyds still down :-s

  5. Tom 15


    It did go back up and worked fine but it's definitely back down. I got in for a little bit and was able to see that I'd been paid!

  6. David

    Oh Dear

    Interestingly I don't seem to see my pay in my non-Lloyds account this morning, however, my employer will have paid me via a Lloyds account....

  7. Goatan


    Can't use your bank card to buy stuff, same error. ARRRGGGHHH!!!

  8. fordie

    It's not just those two...

    NatWest were down for a while this morning too. I had Service Unavailable errors for about half an hour

    Stupid bankers

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Just to confirm...

      IT Guys are "Bankers" as well as City Traders, The Board, etc, do you include Counter Staff and Cleaners as "Bankers" too?

      Or were you trying to make a joke, because I can't help noticing that "Banker" rhymes with "Wanker". I mean, it took a while, we've had protesters outside our office shouting at us, telling us that we were all "bankers", maybe they said "wankers". Not exactly Oscar Wilde though, is it?

      I won't go into what I think of the people who don't know the difference between IT guys and City Traders, but I am coming to the opinion that people embarking on a protest should have to sit a test to demonstrate that they have any idea what they're talking about.

  9. Rob 85


    Transfers out of Santander were borked this morning. Mine were apparently lost ( even though I had confirmation ) and they have had to be re-entered. Mumblings in the background of the call-center suggest I am not the only one.

    Bank loses data........hmmm.......

  10. I_am_Chris

    Text messages

    I got my first direct text this morning as normal. Why do you need to in online to check when the automated texts give all the info you need?

  11. Finance Guy

    First Direct Website DOWN AGAIN!

    Yesterday (Friday 25th) I phoned First Direct to complain that I couldn't get onto their website that morning, and insisted that they logged a formal complaint so they didn't think everything was perfect there (as often portrayed in their advertising). Oh well, makes a change to phone up as I usually use internet banking I thought.

    Today, really annoyed and frustrated because their website has been down again for part of the afternoon and most of the evening. It's 21:20 Saturday and I still can't get on. Look I'm just an ordinary guy who wants to check his balance online, make a few payments and maybe check my standing orders, but now that I've spend hours trying on and off to log on, to the website of what I thought was the reputable online banking subsidiary of one of the world's largest banks, where nothing ever goes wrong and all the customers are happy...I've turned into...

    A RAGING DEEPLY DISGRUNTLED MANIACLY UPSET ANGRY CUSTOMER! Thinking angry thoughts about how much bankers are paid, big city bonuses, why are they paid so much when their systems fail etc. etc.

    One big FAILURE - it's an UTTER DISGRACE!

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