back to article Samsung goes super slim with Notebook 9 series

Samsung released a super-slim notebook today in a bid to compete with Apple's MacBook Air. The company also said it will increase laptop sales by 80 per cent in 2011. The 13.3in Notebook 9 Series is 16mm thick and weighs 1.3kg. It runs on a Core i5 processor and comes with a seven-hour battery life. Samsung says it will cost …


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  1. Jaimi
    Thumb Down

    Mr Average selling at a Premium

    £1370 in its home market, so perhaps more if it reaches these shores. Ya gotta be kidding right? Needs to be a lot cheaper than that to compete with Apple... not least Samsung being a vendor of very average electronic goods. I've had a laptop, TV, bagless vac ... all were very average (cheap even) in both quality and performance.

    1. Neill Mitchell


      They see Apple getting away with it and so copy that idea as well. Same goes for phones, tablets etc. Samsung, HTC and the like used to compete fiercely on price. Let's face it, that's originally how HTC got to where it is today. Now they've all just stuck their noses in the trough because Apple get away with it.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    I hate that company. The only thing Samsung are good at is stealing other people's ideas. Have they innovated once? Look at that new laptop, keyboard design is a copy, track pad design is a copy, the only thing they've done is changed its colour. I really dislike that firm!

    1. Anonymous Coward


      I hate that company. The only thing Apple are good at is stealing other people's ideas. Have they innovated once? Look at their laptops, keyboard design is a copy of the Casio FX-850P, track pad design is a copy of some Wacom device, the only thing they've done is put a Fisher Price UI on top. I really dislike that firm!

    2. Gordon 10 Silver badge

      Yea boo hiss samsung

      Bringing Sony levels of quality and style down Market and affordable.

      Supplying dozens of manufacturers (eg Apple) with quality Arm based cpu's, flash memory and LCD's.

      Fact of the matter is without Samsung the CE industry would be poorer place.

      But hey don't let reality get in the way of your rant.

    3. Goat Jam

      That's Funny

      Because I really like Samsung. Every product of theirs I've ever had has been reliable and well built (which can't be said of their compatriots at "Lucky Goldstar").

      Sometimes their user interfaces can be a bit fugly but this is endemic in Sth East Asian designed kit unfortunately.

      That is why apple do so well, they are about the only company that seems to put any thought at all into the user interface aspect of their products. The rest of them seem to allow their beardy engineer types open slather.

      As Exhibit A, I present every single remote control from every single TV/VCR/DVD ever made.

      Anybody who makes a device that requires forty or so (non qwerty) buttons to operate is quite simply not trying hard enough.

  3. Robert E A Harvey

    obvious comment

    "H'hhow much Gr'gr'granville?"

  4. Jedibeeftrix

    AMD Llano Fusion please

    "The company has also confirmed it will market an 11.6in Notebook 9, which runs on a Core i3 processor"

    Dear Samsung,

    I promise to buy one if you stick a Llano Fusion APU in the 11.6" model.

    Best Regards

  5. A. Lewis

    Well it looks shiny.

    If not very original. That power socket on the side looks very much like apple's magsafe...

    Maybe I'll wait a year or so and pick up a cheap one on ebay (as seems inevitable).

  6. Simon B

    WTF! How much?!!!!!!

    WTF! How much?!!!!!!

    1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      Epic FAIL

      That's right. With that price.

      Might as well pay the jobs tax (but I won't now on principle).

      Back to the drawing board, lads. Seriously now, what you want to do, Samsung, is design something that's reasonably cheap, tough and reliable, with good ergonomics, and good endurance. And if this is possible at all, relatively easy end user expandable at least as far as the ram and HD are concerned. Grunt, tbh, these days is probably, overrated.

      Suggestion, 10-13 inch size form factor... MATTE screen, something approximating the size of a macbook air, but with more battery life.

      Does not have to be a core thingo processor unless you guys are absolutely sure it gives the best endurance. Doesn't even have to be intel. An Atom will suffice for me, to be honest, I would prefer an arm for the novelty if anything else, but marketing wise I can see the argument of staying x86 so that there is a choice available to the end user whether to run windows or not. My preference for a light 'netbook' is endurance not grunt, and something that's ergonomic and does not burn your bollox off.

      Of course, out of the box, the machine should be easily linuxable without any device driver hell. If possible it should come without a windows tax and ideally should run some reasonably not too alien, open debian derivative (Don't want to see anything like that xandross Eee linux ever again but even so, that's not the end of the world).

      If you make it right, I would pay anything from 50% to 75% the price of a similarly configured macbook air. If you make it *really* sweet I might possibly even pay the equivalent of a macbook air.

      But more than a macbook air? You gotta be dreaming.

  7. Wang N Staines

    Fridges are not too bad

    But there's no way I'm paying that much for a Samsung.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Unless they put an Apple sticker on it, then of course Samsung kit becomes 'magic and revolutionary' - a lowly clocked Cortex becomes the amazing Apple A4, a retro LCD display panel becomes a 'Retina Display' etc etc. Kind of sad really.

  8. Richard Willetts

    Expensive BUT!

    Samsung make some of the best laptops around, I had one that seemed to just keep going and going and going until i dropped it down the stairs, miles better than the crappy Tosh which replaced it and easily as good as my wifes' Sony.

    Their TV's along with LG are some of the best! Don't know where Jaimi came to the conclusion they are average, for image quality it has always been Samsung vs. Panasonic, people THINK Sony are better because they charge more, it simply isn't true though!

    This laptop looks much nicer than the Air to me! And bringing a smaller version of a product out is NOT innovation, don't kid yourselves! Size reduction is natural, especially in portable devices, how many ways are they expected to do it? You expect them to somehow innovate an EVEN thinner device? Give me a break!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      A comparison of Samsung, Toshiba and Sony laptops? Man.. pigs/boars/warthogs...

      Do you line up of the turds from different breeds of dog and do an odour comparison too? See - the thing is, some may smell less offensive than others, but the're all still dogshit.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Seriously

        A comparison of Samsung, Toshiba and Sony laptops? Man.. pigs/boars/warthogs...

        Do you line up of the turds from different breeds of dog and do an odour comparison too? See - the thing is, some may smell less offensive than others, but the're all still dogshit.

        Sent from my Packard Bell

        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

        There, FTFY.

    2. Arnold Lieberman

      Pioneer FTW

      Samsung make terrible TVs, the electronics are hopeless. Just this lunchtime I was down the basement in the gym admiring a bunch of Loose Women, but all I could think about was how bad the deinterlacing was on their lovely red lips. More stair steps than was healthy.

  9. A. Nervosa


    By the power of Greyskull that's a lot of money.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    Macbook Air £757 to £929 - and that's before you take off the Education Discount. No Mr Samsung!, No!

    1. dogged

      I expect it's a premium

      for not having to deal with the social stigma of carrying an Apple product around.

  11. Nexox Enigma

    Forgot the keyboard?

    Man if that thing had a keyboard on it I'd be all sorts of excited. Instead they put a clone of the 'Apple series of discreet buttons' on there, which just isn't useful for serious text input.

    Oh well. Guess I don't need a laptop that badly if this trend continues.

  12. E 2

    Nice machine

    It would be nicer still with an AMD E350 APU not Intel's effort.

  13. Richard Willetts

    @Arnold Lieberman

    Your opinion would seem to go against that of most TV reviews!! Also please keep in mind that your average gym doesn't buy the best the company has to offer!! Pioneer only made a handful of TV's all at the top end, Samsung make a full range! Oh and lets not forget Pioneer dropped out of the market anyway!

  14. Richard Willetts

    £757 to £929?

    You mean the 13" competing MacBook Air which ranges from, £1,122 to £1,378?? I'm not saying that justifies the Samsung price but it's more competitive than you make out!

    Oh and the guy making the dog poo comparisons? Either an Apple, IBM or Lenovo user? Either way you apparently have little clue what you are talking about!!

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