back to article Bloggable clickjacks its way into English

The interwebs and technology continue to exert their heavy influence on our beloved mother tongue, with the latest contributions to make the Oxford Dictionaries Online including “bloggable”, “clickjacking”, “cyberbullying”,“cybersecurity” and “scareware”. The inexorable rise of mobile phoneisms is well-represented, with newish …


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  1. Andy Senyszyn

    Trolleyed? Me?

    I was totally gazeboed!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Did the OED suggest an alternative to "tbh"?

    It requires something like "tcwmusod" (to continue with my usual stream of deceit) or "bttb" (back to the bullshit).

  3. jake Silver badge

    The term "cyber" isn't a word, it's a self-defining acronym.

    Anyone attempting to use the term "cyber" in normal conversation is a "computer yuppie being extremely retarded" ...

    1. CD001


      Cyber: someone asking for some "quiet time" with that Elf round the back of the auction house in WoW ... if you know what I mean *coughs*

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