back to article IT pros get Google Apps certified

Google is offering certification to IT professionals who can show their skills in flogging, installing and maintaining the search giant's online applications. First out of the blocks is the Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist badge for people who can move data to, configure and deploy Google Apps. The search and …


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  1. Ryan Robinson

    oh god...

    Lets see how many employers will make it a requirement on job postings as it might be the next big thing...

    Also, lets see how many "internet marketers" will have the Google App certified logo flashing on their ready-made WordPress blog/website.

    1. GavinC

      re: oh god

      more to the point - lets see how many employers start looking for applicants who have been google apps certified for 5+ years, despite certification only being available for a year...

      1. maclovinz

        Ahhhh HR

        Always on top of it, not knowing wtf they put on the paper....

  2. jake Silver badge


    One more thing to filter on, when processing job applications :-)

  3. acbot


    You need to buy a web cam to take the test, internal cameras not supported. Give me a break.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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