back to article Apple: iTunes ascends to the heavens this spring

Apple appears poised to float a flurry of its services into the cloud, as its $1bn data center in North Carolina approaches its start-up date. That bit of news was dropped during the Q&A session at Apple's annual general meeting on Wednesday, according to AppleInsider, which was in attendance at the shareholders-only meeting …


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  1. Mike S

    RIP Oliver Sanche

    According to this, Apple does not currently have the benefit of Oliver Sanche's services:

    1. Studley

      Good spot....

      Clearly Oliver Sanche is already "in the cloud".

  2. That's a smack down

    What is powering these datacenters

    Surely Apple cannot be using racks upon racks of MacMinis? Does anyone have insight?

  3. henrydddd

    I wonder

    I wonder if Apple's attempt to go to cloud based services is at least motivated by a desire to stop all "jail breaking" activities and have total control over the various Apple products.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    "Apple may attempt to create its own social-networking offering"

    A social network populated solely by iDevice owning twunts? I can't imagine a worse kind of hell. Seriously.

  5. TheOtherJola

    The world's largest walled garden

    Very good, made me chuckle. :)

  6. Piers


    >There are also persistent rumblings about a MobileMe upgrade

    >that would include the ability for devices to cloudify not only their

    >contacts, calendars, email and a relatively small amount of files,

    >but also make all their videos, movies, music, and files available

    >from anywhere and any device.

    Actually it does this already. Although not automatically, it's true

    and not with unlimited storage.

  7. morphoyle


    Misleading headline. When I read it, I was hoping it meant that iTunes was about to be killed. That program is such crap. In fact, over the past few years, it seems like most Apple software has become bloated and crappy. They really are the new Microsoft.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Violates UK distance selling laws

    Bsatards violate the UK's distance selling laws. I bought an app called "Delete contacts", due to the phones inability to do so itself. It didn't work for one iota. Just displayed an input field which when clicked did nothing at all. I clicked on the item and reported the problem, deleting the app and requesting a refund. In the UK, as I understand it, anything sold over the internet can be refunded within two weeks. The complaint just went into a black hole. They need to be investigated by consumer standards. Their terms and conditions say no refunds, which should be automatic disqualification to sell in the UK.

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