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To say that Bulletstorm draws parallels with Duke Nukem 3D is to put it mildly. There’s that same cocksure attitude, same over-the-top one liners, the same penchant for violence, even a similar range of physics-defying weaponry on offer. Bulletstorm No joke, splitting your insides In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that …


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    1. Jay Cooper

      Lolz @ Sir Wiggum

      The Jury is out because it's not set in a contemporary setting? The Jury is back in with thier decision about your commetns and have decided you are a plank.

      Gaming is all about innovation and fun and having played the BETA for this I can assure you, it is absolutley brilliant. Set in the future or not, if a game sucks, it properly sucks. This is back to basics, good old fashined blasting. Remember the beserker power up in DOOM II? That massive smile you'd get at knwoing you were going to kick some serious arse? Thats this game through and through.


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        1. Anonymous Coward

          "in my younger days"

          I don't think anybody cares. This game looks good, and that's that.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Duke? Sounds a bit more like Far Cry

    The outdoor scenery in Far Cry was (at the time) truly outstanding. Far Cry also had a limit on the number of weapons you could carry (four), so another similarity there.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      But Duke was actually fun. Farcry was a technical demonstration with schizophrenia.

  3. Raymond Wilson
    Thumb Up

    Let God sort 'em out...

    As an FPS on the PC fan this has to be added to my collection. Yes I was a DN3D fan and I await Duke Nukem Forever with baited breath (as do many others I guess, even though the console generation will never know or appreciate Duke's heritage)

    I've done the Quakes, Unreals and Bioshocks, CODs and the like, so I do hope that "Bulletstorm" is as as fresh as Mike Plant claims it to be

    This just seems like the perfect timing to release a new FPS with attitude that picks up where DN3D left off all those years ago.... and hey, we never know, it could be better than DNF!

    The only questionable attribute is the £50 odd SRP which is somewhere between £10-£18 more than the average new release PC based shooter.

    1. Paul_Murphy

      £25 at Play

      >... the £50 odd SRP ...{bulletstorm}%2bc{362}%2b

      and I think just under £30 on Steam.

      Remember that the console kids like spending mum and dads money - the PC crowd will be spending their own, so it will be cheaper.

      The REAL question for PC gamers is whether the (any) new game is nothing more than a console clone, or whether it is able to use the full range of PC features (normally things like cross-fire/ SLI, leaning etc.) from a little searching it does seem that the game is a console port, and there are a range of problems with it on PC.



      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        That or it's the fact that there is quite a large royalty on all console games!

      2. serviceWithASmile

        thanks for the link

        I haven't seen the "Games for Windows Live" branding on this until just now when I saw the screenshot of the cover on Play.

        Thanks for saving me £25, I was going to buy it until now, but I'd rather skin my eyeballs with a potato peeler than play anything with GFWL on it.

        Apart from Fallout3, that was good enough to make up for it.

        RE: console clone point - I kind of agree but alot of the time a port from Xbox to PC is normally playable, if you have an Xbox controller for windows as you sometimes need one - an example being the last Prince of Persia game. The controls were not thought out for PC at all and was unplayable for me unless using a controller.

        So with that caveat I'd be willing to give the game a try... if it wasn't for GFWL. I know I'm not the only one that it's a dealbreaker for.

  4. MinionZero

    Oh yeah!

    @"FPS genre stripped back to its fundamentals, namely, a huge emphasis on the fun. "

    I can't wait!!! :)

    For some reason I feel compelled to quote Ace Rimmer: "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!"

  5. Levente Szileszky

    WARNING: it comes infected with the worst enemy of all players...

    ...called Gaming for Windows Live by Microsoft.

    Even by Microsoft's shitty standards GfWL is definitely the WORST gaming client out there and despite being years-old the whole platform is such a garbage it's still hand-tuned at every other game release to combat bugs and shitty coding/architecture. It might be next best thing for console players but it's a total garbage for PC players who have choices like Steam, Impulse etc.

    Just an example: with most GfWL games you get updates through GfWL - and only there, thanks to MS' stron-arming tactics -, if you can get it. If you are unlucky and get one of those very mindful, 0x8007xxxx-whatever error messages then off you go, they will tell you to keep opening ports, enable UPnP on your firewall - latter being probably the most dangerous idiocy of all - etc but noone ever knows what's the problem, sometimes even MTU size matters... :)

    Compared to Steam it's a junk and most likely it will never be fixed properly due to its rather garbage architecture, the usual clunky, convoluted-stupid ways MS do everything - in essence they focus on their needs instead of yours as opposed to Steam being centered around my customer experience.

    It's an utter piece of junk, Games for Windows LIVE - a true epithet you can hurl at any MS employee when you want to remind them how shitty their products can be...

    FAIL, as in M-i-c-r-o-s-o-f-t.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Doesn't a Steam version get round most of this (barring the annoyance)... DiRT2 has GfWL but I've never had a problem with it.

    2. Octopoid


      I wouldn't buy anything through GFWL, as it is clearly rubbish. However, many Steam games USE it. GTA IV through steam also uses GFWL, but it's not used for any of the updates, it's simply used as a basic DRM method - you register your key against your GFWL account.

      I would never use it as a actual games purchasing platform, but I'd take it as a DRM method over Securom any day of the week.

      It's also even less of an issue if you already have an Xbox 360 - you can use the same account to sign on to GFWL, and hence collect achievements and the like.

    3. GeorgeTuk

      No Gaming for Windows Live on my Xbox or on PS3

      Maybe its time to give up the PC for gaming as less publishers use as the wild west of piracy kills their profits anyway and the fragmentation of all the different devices make it harder to build for it.

      1. serviceWithASmile


        is exaggerated massively.

        This is opinion, but in mine the excuse is used much as the threat of terrorist boogeymen is used to justify various expendatures and security tightening.

        the debate is too expansive to cover properly in this comment but I think most agree that most current DRM methods are overzealous and can alienate customers, some of which feel justified in downloading a cracked copy of the game they already purchased to get around the intrusive DRM.

        Case in point - legal XP, legal GTA4 = you cannot play this game because you are a pirate. true story, I spent a week playing email tennis with securom about that, finally got the game running after they sent me their own version of a crack. Can you see the hypocrisy here?

        Secondly, regarding device fragmentation - this is largely covered by the engines used to develop on, like the Source engine or Unreal Engine 3, and also the *common* operating system the game is developed to run on - namely windows xp, vista and / or 7. Even these OS have built in stuff to handle running a game in backwards compatibility mode.

        Not to say fragmentation isn't a problem, just that in many cases the developers themselves only need to worry about it if they are making their own engine.

        FYI, Unreal 3 engine also runs on Xbox360 and PS3 aswell as XP, Vista and Win7. Device fragmentation is clearly more Epic's concern here than the game devs.

        If there is any reason that publishers don't want to publish games on PC, it is purely because there is more money to be made on consoles. Don't deceive yourself that a few torrent sites have such a huge impact on a global market and have scared the poor little publisher into running to the consoles to get away from the evil filesharers.

        Consider that cracking a game only really works for singleplayer these days as multiplayer games authenticate themselves with the server they play on, and that most games have a big multiplayer component. If you want the full experience, more often than not you have to buy it to get it.

        If you are really concerned about poorer quality ports on PC, why not just check before you buy and only get games developed on PC?

        There are P L E N T Y out there, much bigger catalogue than consoles. I suggest minecraft :D

    4. Eradicate all BB entrants

      ...never understood....

      ....why so many people have problems with it.

      GTAIV - GFWL - Never had an issue

      Dawn of War 2 - same again no issues

      Fallout 3 - No issue

      The list of NO issues goes on. OK yes I am technically able to resolve issues once they arise, but have found I rarely need to. Those who I know have issues with this sort of client are usually Virgin or BT BB customers and the fault is with crap modems and not the applications.

      @ No GFWL on my xbox, its the same service, just called Xbox Live.

      Back to the game, I am looking forward to giving it a bash, played DN3D to death when it came out but wisely sated my appetite for hoon shooters with Serious Sam in the intervening years.

  6. corrodedmonkee

    The only questions that really matter

    1. Is this game, brought to us by those of Painkiller fame, as good or better than Painkiller?

    2, Is it crippled with DRM?

    3. Is there a gun that fires shurikens and lightning.

  7. NoneSuch Silver badge


    How can there be a new Duke in town when the original Duke is nowhere to be seen??? Maybe valid a few months when they actually release DN4, but we have been hearing that for twelve years plus.

    GFwL...? Blah. Never again will I buy that PoS for ANY game.

    Don't need it. Don't want it. EVER...

    1. Adam T


      The Duke's due in March.

      We've all heard that before of course, but it's not 3DRealms anymore (so good and bad perhaps).

  8. Inachu

    The DEMO is pure crap!

    Ok so I tried the demo and the sound is pure crap sounds as if the band skinny puppy and between 50 and 100 horror movie sound effects were merged together to create a symphony of pure trash on the ears. that kind of noise is not the FUN noise I want to hear and is not enjoyable to listen to at all at any level. BUT!!!!!! My room mate bought the game anyway.

    Seems the developers did listen to our cries and did tone down a lot of sound crap and sounds more like a game should sound and if I am not mistaken the graphics seem better in the full version as well.

    So to who ever released the demo of the game as a representation of the full game did a crappy ass job.

    So the demo of the game I give 1 star out of 5 and the full game I give 5 stars.

    Game demos can make or break a games sales guys..... Happy to see the game is enojoyable but sorry I had to go through audio hell with such a crappy demo...

  9. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD


    "I'll kill your dick!"

    I didn't believe you till I actually saw this:

    *Coffee everywhere*

    This quip will be everywhere soon, I suspect. Let's see.

    Oh, and come clean up this mess, El Reg.

    1. 10bottlesofbleach

      u what?

      No, I'll kill your dick!

  10. Josh 15

    Game is fantastic on PC

    Admittedly, I'm playing on an i7 quad core with a GTX460 and 8MB of RAM, but what the hell? Bulletstorm is probably the best-looking Unreal3 game to date. God alone knows what Epic has been putting in People Can Fly's tea, but it seemes to have worked: it's a corker. Game play is totally bonkers and much of the dialogue is very chucklesome in a very infantile way. In other words, this is a bundle of fun - and a very good-looking one, at that.

    Got my game via Steam. Absolutely no issues - plus the game is linked to Windows Live (with Achievements) and playing on the PC with the 360 controller is to be highly recommended. No, seriously: try it for yourself and see.

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