back to article Thames Valley and Hampshire police merge IT services

Two neighbouring police authorities have signed a legal agreement to create a single IT department Police staff working at both forces will work together in one department managed by Thames Valley police. The forces said that the collaboration builds on other successful shared services projects in the south east region, and …


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  1. David 45


    I assume they will now be able to harass street photographers and deploy mobile speed traps twice as quickly, instead of going after REAL criminals.

    1. Ragarath

      What is real?

      Going faster than the speed limit? I'm sure there is a law about that somewhere, guess how real that makes it?

      Street photographers not heard of any recently.

      Trolled? I think maybe, but the REAL in caps shows to much emotion. I think someone got caught trying to photograph himself speeding.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        The misunderstanding here

        if that is what it is, is the difference between a Criminal Offence and a Civil Offence. Not quite sure who's misunderstanding that would be. Probably not many know you can do time in Chokey and emerge without a criminal record though!

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Big Brother

    This is a title

    "The forces said that the collaboration builds on other successful shared services projects in the south east region"

    Like the cross counties beat bobby. The one (very) junior plod whose job it is to maintain the 'public presence' for the two forces, while his (more senior) colleagues stay inside in the warm.

  3. wyatt
    Thumb Up

    At last.

    At last. Hopefully others will move towards colaborations in other areas as well reducing costs and sharing facilities. Yes officers on the ground need to be maintained but back office functions can be shared quite easily.

    Each force purchasing its own equipment, vehicles, skills can't be cost efficient. How different can uniforms be? Does each force need to use a different vehicle? Yes have different ones for different uses but can't each force use the same ones for the same job?

  4. Death_Ninja

    Perhaps we can go all the way with this...

    ...and have Government in London that runs all the other places from just one location rather than a million different bits of multi-tiered bureacracy in every town across the UK.

    Thats how it used to work, how on earth did we end up with so many bloody blood sucking bureaucrats?

  5. John Smith 19 Gold badge
    Black Helicopters

    Anyone else in 2 minds about this?

    Shared services, when they driven by *internal* logic and not government policy *should* be a good thing.

    If they do much the same thing in much the same *way* (limited compatibility issues so they can share the same pool of staff), as opposed to the Labor merge *all* back office services everywhere *now*.


    Do you really want them cross referencing their ANPR cameras output so they can lower the bandwidth going into the national ANPR archive? Fewer PNC2 staff to get to know so you can borrow their password for a quick peak to find out where that lying gf/bf has been parking her car etc.

    The theory sounds fine but will having a reduced back office IT function mean reduced safeguards on personal information (which don't seem that strong in the UK to begin with)?

  6. JaitcH

    So is Hampshire going to share the loot it collects for ...

    preparing criminal records transcripts for people needing to prove they have no criminal record?

    For some opaque reason Hampshire Plod send out records for that commercial organisation known as ACPO - why they are in the loop who knows why.

    There are two types of records which records criminal offences until they are 'retired' after 35,40 or so years unless you have a SEX record when they live forever. Type 1 is for proving a clear criminal record for Canada, Australia, the U.S.A., etc and Type 2 is what you get if you ask - with everything in black and white.

    Perhaps someone can explain if a criminal record is supposed to expire after 35-45 years why do both these record transcripts show the presence of a criminal record.

    Very strange, but at least ACPO is raking in the money so they can hire their 'bent' expert witnesses.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Oh sh!t

    Hamphsire plod are at least trying to be a decent police force, and only screw up on occasion. (e.g. cutting of the phone call of the kidnap victim, soon to be murder victim)

    and now i find they are going to be sharing information systems with Thames Valley, a force notable for a range of activities that ranges from the merely grossly incompetant (shoot your own colleague by accident in a class room) to the out right criminal (accessing police data systems to help criminal friends)

    The county system of forces may not be "effcient", but it does minimise the spread of potential damage the rotten apples can cause.

    Whilst we need to save money, please can we find one that minimises risks

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