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Poynt is an app that offers local info quickly and easily on your smartphone. It’s available in Android and iPhone flavours, but looks and works best on a BlackBerry running OS6. Originally, the high-end Torch 9800 was the only BlackBerry to incorporate OS6, but has been joined by a clutch of cheaper sisters in recent months …


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  1. Sulphur Man

    OS6 is on other BBs now OS6 is shipped with the Bold 9780 and is available as an upgrade on the Bold 9700. And very good it is too! Keep up, RegH.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      And other BBs there are versions of OS6 on the internets that you can quite easily install. I've had no problems putting it on my 9105. (although I had to use BBSAK and lost all my messages/ etc.)

  2. DJ 2
    Thumb Down

    Not worth the install.

    Poynt doesn't cut it in Europe, BTSideKick is much better.

  3. GeorgeTuk

    Or just use the Google Maps client

    That has local places that is up to date and ignores the "LOLZzz" comments.

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