back to article Oracle debuts carrier-grade Sparc T3 servers

Oracle needs to protect and preserve the server business that Sun Microsystems built up with telecommunications firms and service providers. And that's why the company is moving its homegrown Sparc T3 processor into a new line of ruggedized, DC-powered Netra machines. The Sparc T3 chip was launched in September 2010 and is the …


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  1. Mick Russom

    Lol, Oracle.

    Like anyone is even interested in this overpriced crap. Oracle's support is draconian, they charge to fix bugs, and they are ruthless and nasty to customers, VARs and partners. Everyone hates Oracle now and fear only that they will buy more useful and cool companies and makes life miserable for all the VARs and Customers.

    Oracle's success is the death of innovation.

  2. niya blake

    could be worse

    Like an Oracle, Apple merger .

  3. Anonymous Coward

    LOL! Oracle!

    Mick --- Like anyone is even interested in ...

    No one is interested until they can't use the phone to call an ambulance or a fire truck - at that point, they wonder why companies skimped on the cheapest solution possible.

    It is good to see a vendor who cares about robustness of whole solutions that work well in rugged environments, from the CPU to hardware platforms to middleware to databases to applications!

  4. Jay 2

    Thanks for nothing Oracle

    Slightly related. I have to say that since Oracle Borg'd Sun, the support has gone through the floor. You can't even talk to anyone now, you have to interact with them via some horrendous website. After which they will quite happily ignore you for a random amount of time.

    Good job our Sun kit is ever decreasing nowadays.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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