back to article iiNet fattens up after eating Netspace and AAPT consumer arm

iiNet’s acquisition frenzy has delivered strong results for the Perth-based ISP, which produced revenue growth of 45 per cent to A$330m in its half-year results. The carrier’s first half 2011 EBITDA was up 25 per cent to A$46.8m, with total broadband customers up 20 per cent to 650,000, from around 443,000 a year earlier. …


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  1. Yamal Dodgy Data
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    iiNet dead set legends

    The rapid growth in customer numbers is solely due to iiNet protecting its users privacy from the likes of the MPAA, RIAA and assorted mafia types.

    iiNet's boilerplate reply to boilerplate demands for customer information goes along the lines;

    "get a court order or get a dog up ya mate"

    These blokes are dead set legends...

    /now where's the aussie legend icon ?

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