back to article Intel boss searches planet for post-Nokia MeeGo spouse

Intel has vowed to find another buddy for its mobile Linux effort Meego, after Nokia shacked up with Microsoft on smart phones. According to Reuters, Chipzilla chief executive Paul Otellini has claimed that MeeGo remains a worthwhile cause because carriers need an alternative ecosystem. Otellini added that Nokia's chief …


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  1. xperroni
    Black Helicopters

    Intel & The Curse of Mobile

    You can almost feel sorry for Intel. First their StrongARM unit goes belly-up; then WinMAX is sidelined by Qualcomm; and now their mobile Linux project, their best hope to cram x86 into the handset market, is shunned by Nokia.

    Clearly there is some conspiration involved. I'm sure it's all the fault of those damn Europeans, scheming to keep an honest-to-God American company from granting consumers their deserved Freedom(TM)!

  2. Quxy

    A Trojan horse is a GIFT...

    ...why would anyone expect Microsoft to PAY Nokia?

  3. jeanl

    Mokia move

    I think Intel boss is right. Nokia will eventually find out it's CEO decision is digging a grave for the company sink deeper into the hole. Unless decision is made talk the talk with little product made in winOS and focus on meeGo OS in real time production.


    You know what? Otellini is right

    Android is currently among the biggest craze among consumers where cellphone OSes are involved. Nokia could've jumped on the bandwagon and regain the lost userbase instead of going for an OS where you can't even do cut and paste and there's no Angry Birds.

    Nokia is making a rather bad decision here. I'd rather an Android Nokia phone than a WinPhone7 one. Especially since WinPhone7 is 10 steps back from Windows Mobile 6.0.

    Nokia failed here, hence the icon.

    1. terd


      I do wonder how many people posting on the these nokia winphone stories have actually used windows phone 7?

      It is without doubt the best looking phone OS, and I quote like the tiles, makes a change from all the icons (very win3.1).

      I really do think once you regular, non geek, consumer sees it on a phone in their local shop it will do well.

      Yes it does lack a fair few features, but so did iOS on launch and how many people actually use some of them? (one of my colleages, technical support engineer, didnt even know how to access the multitasking on his iPhone, even when he updates to iOS 4 on the day it launched!)

      [posted from my iPhone, because I don't have a choice :) ]

    2. Lewis Mettler

      big fat failure

      If Nokia does not want to build its own platform, that is fine.

      But, logic would dictate a phone with Android, MeeGo, iOS, RIM and possibly Microsoft.

      Let Microsoft prove it can be a viable platform, then go with it too.

      Focusing soley upon Microsoft when it has proven nothing is a fools errand.

      No doubt Elop huge holding of MS stock has prevented a meaningful decision.

      If you are not going to have your own platform, be agnostic. Going with Microsoft is not agnostice at all. That is picking your coffin.

  5. Mikel

    Meego + WebOS?

    Is there some potential fusion there?

  6. nadsack
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    Whats meego?..

    That's what they'll be saying a years time. Meego will go no where and intel know it. Really with MS, Google and Apple each having great eco systems already in place and carving up market meego has not chance. No one is left to partner with it to give it significant impact in the market.

    I think in years to come Elop will be touted as the man who saved Nokia when ever chinese knockoff will be shoving android on it degrading the experience with shit hardware, no support and buggy ports. Don't get me wrong. I already own an android tablet but I'm already seeing issues with android that don't bode well going forward. They fell into the MS trap of old of playing too loose with requirements and licensing which will degrade the experience going forward.

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    On the other hand ...

    It looks as if the Nok had too many options on the go, couldn't tie it down to one thing or the other and all the while saw market share drop with impact on predicted future earnings predictably needing quite a bit of revision

    (That is:

    expected dosh in: Ooo lovely\

    actual dosh in: Wha'?!

    So perhaps linking with MS to get/maintain/increase market share is a reasonable short term measure.

    For why AC!? did I here you ask? (I'll assume so any way.)

    Because it gives the Nok short term cohesion and at least some chance of market share.

    It also allows? the Nok to leapfrog into a future spec without having to try too hard to meet a present spec.

    So Mr iNTEL - hold your horses dude, keep sending the Nok Christmas cards and who knows, five year hence the Nok may indeedy go for MiniMe 6 without the research & dev costs?

  8. Neil Hoskins

    "...when the pair merged their Moblin and Maemo mobile-Linux projects..."

    That's what I thought, too. But it's more accurate to say Moblin and Maemo got thrown in the bin and they started from scratch. I was genuinely shocked when I tried out the MeeGo dual-boot on my N900 and realised how little progress they'd made. I can only start to imagine Elop's shock when they showed him how far they'd got; I'd love to hear how that particular meeting went.

  9. Paul Shirley

    at least Android has an escape route

    Moving to Android would at least have held open the option of implementing Meego over the Android Linux base sometime in the future, along with retaining any hard won Linux skills they've accumulated. A dual boot option would have been worth seeing. More likely they'd just manage to salvage some of the work to differentiate their Android releases, despite Googles increasing focus on preventing companies messing up the end user experience, that could have worked out well for Nokia.

    Nothing is ever going to run on a Microsoft kernel but Windows, it's a one way trip. To escape a perpetual Windows future Nokia will have to start all over again, after watching 2 or 3 ecosystems evolve beyond their ability to catch. After watching all the engineers walk, some of them to Microsoft.

  10. Robert E A Harvey


    That's where the next Nokia will come from, you mark my words. Say "Meego to China". See? sounds right doesn't it?

    I'll get my beautifully embroidered mandarin jacket

    1. Quxy

      tai dui!

      And not only manufactured in China, but designed there from start to finish. Too bad that Elop wants to move Nokia HQ to the US -- it's looking as if Shanghai would be a more appropriate location.

      1. cloudberry

        Nokia is not moving its HQ

        Wherever did you get that notion from? Elop has explicitly stated that Nokia has no intention of moving its headquarters anywhere.

        1. Quxy
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          I don't agree with Andrew about everything...

          ...but since he's proven to have pretty good contacts within Nokia, in this case I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt:

  11. alwarming
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    go meegooo!!!!!

    We don't want strategic Google products controlling the world.

  12. Stephen Bungay

    I am not a Trojan.. they dressed me up like one...

    Well would you look at that, an ex Microsoft exec now in charge of Nokia has formed a partnership with his old company. Why am I not surprised?

    From a previous article;

    "The first non-Finnish president of Nokia confirmed that he’s not a plant for Microsoft and that he intends to sell his MS shares"

    Did anyone actually believe him? He has indeed sold his shares in Microsoft and purchased Nokia shares. Now I see his mission being to increase share price, which can be accomplished without actually turning a profit, but not with any degree of permanence.

    OK, so lets give Mr. Elop the benefit of the doubt and say he is not part of a plant for Microsoft. The CEO of Intel says he wouldn't have made the deal with Microsoft, that Nokia will find it difficult to differentiate itself on Windows. I tend to agree with him. Someone else on here observed that this (Microsoft OS on Nokia Phones) is a one-way trip. Given the experience of Palm I concur. Palm, you might recall, while not the inventor of the PDA was the primary player. Palm seemed to have some measure of difficulty bridging the gap between PDA and smart phone and divested themselves of their OS, spinning it off into a seperate entity. Eventually Palm sold the Palm OS business and adoped Microsofts OS on their phones.

    Palm is no longer a player.

    If Nokia stays the course me thinks there is a high probability of them going the way of Palm. Nokia needs real leadership, and I think the current CEO is so steeped in Microsoft culture that he is unable be make tough objective decisions. He is going with what he is comfortable with.

    It will be interesting to see where Nokia and her current CEO ends up.

  13. DaveB

    Just for Fun

    I think I will buy the Nokia MeeGo phone when it comes out. Not because I want one but just to screw up Nokia and Microsoft.

    It would be fun if this phone turned out to be a market leader

  14. Bugs R Us

    Oh here we go...

    What aspect of your life does Google control? Does Google force you to get and go to work? Does Google force you to eat your vegetables? Does Google stop you from exceeding the speed limits? No, no and no. Sheesh. What is it with people who are so dead set against moving the world on to some standard platforms/frameworks? IT'S A GOOD THING. The world does not need more than 3 ecosystems for any product. 3 is all it takes to achieve a level of healthy competition and innovation. Consumers, and I'm one of them, hate too many choices; it makes our heads hurt to have to do so much research. We just want three options, entry level, mid range and high end. It's not that hard folks.

  15. Fred 3


    No ones mentioned BB yea :P

  16. dirk_diggler
    Gates Horns

    Nokia and Microsoft

    Absolutely, 100%, completely the wrong decision.

    They had Symbian with well-designed phones and were doing well. Popular smartphones beginning with the iPhone came out and they failed to react. They released a few rubbish attempts at smartphones still based on Symbian which failed due to having no ecosystem. At the same time they kept Maemo and Meego on the back burner, doing not very much at all, hoping either would stir themselves into life.

    Then the iPhone and Android handsets started duking it out, with Android very quickly catching up. Nokia then finds itself in a position of rapidly declining market share with nothing in the pipeline for rescue.

    If Nokia had put a good chunk of their R&D into Maemo and really pushed it, it would have been what Android is today. They're both Linux-based mobile OS's but Android has had a lot more R&D from Google refining how it works so now any handset maker can use it to push out a nice smartphone. Meego never really got started.

    So what Nokia should have done was announce they were going to be heavy players in the Android ecosystem. They have a massive team of Linux developers who could have pulled Android in their own direction. Code submitted by Nokia would be taken into the Android source tree and could have effectively made it their own OS with their own closed implementations alongside the open-source stuff. Then they would be competing with Motorola, LG, Samsung, HTC etc with the same OS, customised and made to work better by their talented developers, but riding on the still big Nokia name. Nokia could never have completely shut Google out, but they could have used it as a lifeline until they were on the up again and then been in a better position to dictate to Google, in a position to fork Android if they so wished.

    It would actually be really easy to make a massively selling smartphone that could have saved Nokia. Look what Samsung did by accident with the Galaxy S.

    Instead they go and team up with Microsoft to get an OS no-one wants anyway (apart from a few Microsoft devotees) to save their business. Wow. No matter how cheap licences for WP7 are, they're still not free. Nokia have snatched defeat from the jaws of easy victory here. What utter fucktards.

    It's like someone on Twitter said, when you're drowning in the toilet bowl, you'll jump on the first turd you see to avoid going down.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Easier ...

      1. Run open source Android on a Nokia phone.

      2. Replace the missing Google services Market with Ovi services.

      3. Encourage Android developers to also sell their Apps in Ovi. Touting operator billing etc. all the shit that Google do not does not have.

      4. Accelerate Project Lighthouse so that QT runs on (the Nokia) Android. So that all the Ovi apps run on the Nokia.

      5. Buy that Alien Davlik so all Android apps run on Symbian and Meego.

      Now, that's how you catalyse a f*ing ecosystem, mate. Google just got borged and it didn't get nothing in the way of spondoolicks neither.

      Has the added benefit of keeping all the QT devs happy because now they can do Android, Symbian, Meego and all the rest in one go. QT becomes de facto cross platform dev env. Eventually some Android devs will realise that native code beats interpreted code (especially games) and shift to QT.

  17. Eponymous Cowherd
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    Attack of the Clones

    The strictures that Microsoft put on Phone 7 implementations mean that a Nokia Phone 7 device will look almost identical, from a UI point of view, to offerings from HTC (possibly their biggest rival at the moment) and others. There is also very little room for manoeuvre on the hardware front, as well, Microsoft stipulate the buttons and the rest of the front is taken up by the screen.

    With Android they could, at least, put their own stamp on the UI (like HTC's Sense, Motorola's Blur, etc), but with MS they are stuck with a phone that looks the same as everyone else's.

    1. ScioScio


      "HTC (possibly their biggest rival at the moment)".

      Socrates, forgive them, they know not what they gibber.

  18. Funky Chicken


    So Nokia's agreement with Microsoft allows them to do their own "sexy" WinPho UI, in order to differentiate themselves.

    It's great that they finally see how important that is, as Apple and Google did 3 years ago.

    What's puzzling, though, is why they'd choose to do that for a functionally limited minority OS, that's 3 years behind the competition, that they currently have no experience with or hardware for (unlike numerous competitors), that requires best of breed (and costly) hardware which goes against their longstanding culture of using a lean, super-efficient OS on cheaper/slower hardware, that they don't own or control, that isn't unique to them, and that completely alienates their existing, market dominating, user base.

    And, while doing so, throwing away years of work and millions of dollars in the form of the nearly finished Qt on Symbian (phone software and dev tools) that has none of those disadvantages, and everything they need to get their sexy UI out there, on differentiated products that cost less for more, ASAP.

    It's throwing the 8.5 months pregnant mother out with the bathwater - truly baffling.

    Elop seems to think he's taking drastic action to do things differently from how Nokia's done them before (eg. open sourcing Symbian at snails pace while freezing functionality), thereby regaining what it's been losing. But he isn't, he's making exactly the same mistake all over again - taking the longest, most expensive and most risk strewn way about getting what everyone can see they need NOW.

  19. illiad

    Um, this article is NOT ABOUT NOKIA!!!

    And NO, not even about WinMo... where are all you Meego fans, encouraging Intel to get it moving??

    go here please :)

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