back to article Mobile industry looks forward to spanking Apple

The mobile industry has got its confidence back, and it's spending money again while drawing up the ranks to take on Apple. Last year‘s Mobile World Congress was subdued in comparison to this year's, as operators held back on spending in an uncertain economy and Apple seemed to be holding all the cards. Not much has actually …


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  1. MinionZero
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    "Take on Apple"

    From what I'm hearing from mobile developers, the phone manufacturers are not only going to take on Apple, it looks like more than half these companies are going to be at risk of also being killed in the stamped!. Apparently there's around 170 different Android phones already on the market or just entering the market!. That's nuts, I don't see them all surviving that kind of gold rush, but then Google have also said 300000 new Android phones are being activated per day! So maybe its just a case of them not earning much per phone model, but still earning a lot of money.

    It also doesn't look like its going to stop any time soon, as the hardware companies are releasing some amazing next generation chip news. Some of these chips in the next 18 months will be bloody fast.

    The frantic rate of change in mobile is making desktop hardware development look like its asleep by comparison. I'm sure Apple will also up its game as well to keep up, but they are going to have one hell of a battle to stay in front. I don't see how one company (no matter how big) can compete with so many other companies all rushing in the same (Android) direction.

  2. jonathanb Silver badge


    Is apparently "a transnational corporation and one of the world leaders in the development of innovative convergent IT solutions for end-to-end automation of telecommunications companies, delivering a competitive edge to telecoms across the globe.

    "CBOSS Corporation offers a full range of equipment, systems and application software, professional services, including consulting, turnkey implementation, technical support, staff training and IT outsourcing, providing telcos with guaranteed operations quality while minimizing operational and capital expenditures.

    "CBOSS supplies operators, service providers and MVNOs with all components of integrated IT infrastructure and/or services, as well as with full-scale outsourcing options, providing a reliable single point of responsibility."

    Translated into English, they make the software that prints out phone bills.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: CBOSS

      How did you get "prints out phone bills" out of that little lot? I don't see anything in there that ties 'em down to actually doing anything specific at all.

      If there were a world championship for Wankword Bingo they'd be gold medallists though...

      I reckon that Bill looked 'em up and read that before writing "Nobody knows what CBOSS makes or does"[1], which would seem to be a pretty accurate summation of that guff to me.

      [1] Including themselves by the look of it.

    2. Obvious Robert


      My attention had disolved into a thousand yard stare before the end of the first paragraph. There's something about that horrible corporate bollocks speak (that never means anything anyway) that I just can't focus on. Who they think they're impressing with it is beyond me.

  3. RegisterThis
    Paris Hilton

    Self-destruct in T-10 ... 9 8 7 ...

    "while drawing up the ranks to take on Apple"

    Yep ... which makes Apple's '30% share' attack on content providers all the more bizarre? A lesson in how to p1ss off everybody you need to partner to make money? What is Job's thinking? MWAHAHAHA me thinks as he chews his pinkie and strokes his pussy ...?

    Without the operators or content providers, the Apple media and content business is but a bunch of empty servers sitting somewhere doing nothing! It really seems that the reality distortion field has kicked in and either somebodies ego is going to take a hammering in an about-turn or that self-destruct button is going to be pressed. (For the media side of the business - not 'i' devices!).

    Yeah ... had to be Paris after the comment above ...

  4. tommy060289

    many have tried...

    better have failed

  5. Simon Rockman

    If CBOSS did something interesting

    They wouldn't need the girls.

    1. Jim Morrow
      Paris Hilton

      so what?

      Who cares? They have dancing girls.

      Where's Paris when we need her?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Paris Hilton

        this is not a title

        Yes but where's the proof that they dance? Video upload please....

        1. Kamal Hashmi

          RE: this is not a title

          Not quite in sync...

  6. carl 10

    CBOSS Stand

    I always love passing the CBOSS stand for obvious aesthetic reasons, but can't help cringing at the blatant drooling of the saddos just hanging around there taking photos like they'd never seen a hot woman before.*

    *Accepted that your photo was purely for journalistic purposes, obviously! :-)

    Icon = visually impaired man on blue background, as apparently you'll go blind if you spend too long enjoying your photos of the CBOSS stand.

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