back to article Canadian finance ministries closed off from web after cyberspy hack

Chinese hackers have been blamed for looting sensitive Canadian government documents, forcing two government departments off the internet as a response. CBC reports that the attacks, first detected in January, have been traced back to Chinese computer networks – while noting the important caveat that compromised systems in …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    "attempt to access" != being hacked

    Anyone who has a computer connected to the internet has "attempt to access" attempts multiple times a minute.

    Most are blocked by firewalls, IPS or NAT - evidence that you have been port scanned or a hack attempt has occured is a daily occurance for EVERYONE with an internet IP address.

    1. NoneSuch Silver badge
      Black Helicopters


      I find it interesting that the Chinese government maintains strict control over the countries firewalls to the point where they limit access to information, but "undesirable elements" within the country are given free range to suck up as much global corporate, government and other miscellaneous confidential information as they see fit with little or no law enforcement interference.

      I am sure the Chinese Communist government is planning to address this shortfall soon.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        yes, but they won't be sending them to labor camps

        I run a network here in the US, and have, because we don't have an clients in Asia (specifically China, S Korea, N Korea, Myanmar, Indonesia) I have a firewall rule that blocks them from getting anything back.

        I have been tempted to create an isolated system that reponds to ssh or https that contains a single 300Gig file full of crap

        I think I'll call the machine 'backup-server, and call the file 2010-PCI-master.tar.gz... I can even throttle the connect through the firewall, so that once they start it, it will run for days

        Can someone point me to the source-code for CP/M or CP-6? I can already get my hands on Multics.

  2. James 5

    I don't know...

    .. why the Chinese bother! After all, the west is transferring all its technology for free to them as part of its technology transfer.

    Haven't seen much technology coming back from them though...

  3. Shane Kent

    RE: why the Chinese bother!

    Our resources. And knowing our governments financial status/plans would help them greatly in negotiations.

    See the following

  4. Jeff Minter

    A bit obvious

    First off, it's laughable to report this as something serious and scary as "commie hackers penetrate our systems OMGG!!" All businesses and government departments receive unknown attacks everyday, just block and move on.

    Secondly, why on earth would they use the method of spamming/phishing for passwords? It's too obvious, and something I would expect Nigerian and other part time hackers from other countries to do for the money.

    Lastly, there is no guarantee it is the Chinese government's actions, or even the people involved whose computers are affected. How many of our computers (obviously not us, we're geeks and too good for that... right?) in Britain and America are open to act as a bot due to zero security...we don't call it the actions of the UK government do we? Due to the number of lax security PCs in China, and the country being an easy scapegoat, criminals and other nefarious organisations would use it as a good way to shield their own activities...I wouldn't be surprised if American hackers (state sponsored?) are taking control of computers in China and using it to hack countries around the world that only China would e.g. Tibet, America, separatists etc... it would suit the US agenda well, because they are pushing Congress to pass increased budgets for their cyberwarfare activities.

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