back to article US Secret Service tabletop training toytown goes virtual

You know the US Secret Service? Famously it isn't actually the secret service of the USA; that's the CIA. What the Secret Service mainly does is investigate financial and computer crimes, though it is much better known for providing bodyguards and security teams for the President, vice-president and other major US public figures …


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  1. The elephant in the room

    The ipad2

    Its bigger than I expected!

  2. Craig Vaughton
    Black Helicopters

    So much for hi-tech

    Nice to see the US Security people using up to date software. Still looks like they're running XP to me.

    There again, if Windows 2000 is good enough for warships, why not.

  3. Emilio Desalvo

    And a lager with that for me...

    Lewis, are you able to name all the US security alphabet soup?

    And the IRS is part of the US security or insecurity?

  4. SK


    The Reg should have tendered for a playmobil update to their Toy Town setup.

  5. Peter 66

    Damn Title

    Why don't they just use that virtual world................can't remember what its called but had flying penis' and used Lindon dollars.

    Fail because I can't be bothered googling what it was called but it did make my day reading about how people were attack by flying a penis...........much like the chap that was reported yesteday but only it wasn't virtual.

    1. neb

      @Peter 66...

      ...step away from the bottle of cleaning fluid, its not lemonade you're drinking there!

      1. maclovinz


        I think Simon spiked it a little too much!

    2. Pablo
      Thumb Up

      RE: Damn Title

      That would be Second Life, or "Sadville" as El Reg idiosyncratically refers to it.

      And yeah, that would probably work fine actually, although they would need a private server to prevent spies (and flying penises) from intruding on their training sessions.

      1. Peter 66
        Thumb Up


        Ahh yes, the water did taste a bit peculiar yesterday. I for one welcome our flying penis protectors from across the pond.

  6. Darryl

    This is where a title would be if I put one in

    My favourite is still the ATF. Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. Heard a comedian once say that all they have to do is make it the ATFLW - IE add 'Loose Women' and you've got yourself a real party.

    1. IglooDude

      Or put another way...

      It should be the name of a store, not a government agency.

  7. CaptainBlue

    Release Date?

    When is it coming out on Xbox?

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