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During the knuckle-grinding twilight hours spent levelling my Worgen warrior chick in World of Warcraft Cataclysm I had been pondering when I would get a go on some dedicated peripherals. Lucky for me Steelseries has seen fit to supply some goodies. Steelseries WoW Cataclysm Mouse WoW your friends? Steelseries' Cataclysm …


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  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    The mouse I like

    I like the look, and 14 buttons is nothing to sneeze at.

    As for the keyboard, sorry but I prefer my Logitech G15.

    Of course, you must know that I own a MS Strategic Commander (look it up). That means that, for customizable keys and stuff, I have a solution that nobody can even approach.

    But the mouse, I like.

  2. jai

    space bar?

    why is a split spacebar a problem though?

    you're still going to hit it with either your left thumb or your right, and it makes no difference which half of the spacebar that you hit, does it? it still triggers the spacebar keystroke.

    it's purely asthetics as you'll end up resting one thumb on the split between them i guess

  3. maclovinz

    Too bad...

    Too bad they ruined the game with Patch 4/Cat!

  4. Saucerhead Tharpe

    hmm, that looks like a Zboard

    Like what I have with the Battle for Middle-Earth keyset.

    never did like the round keys

    I wonder how the mnouse would do with LoTRO, the Zboard is gey handy for the movement

    1. mafoo

      thats because it is

      Only sucker would pay £100 for that keyboard, and give it a 70% review rating.

      considering you get the same thing with a different sticker on it for under £13.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Get your facts right

        You've linked to just a KEYSET (just a part of a full keyboard). You should really look into the facts before making yourself appear to be the sucker!

        1. mafoo


          it makes me look like an idiot, not a sucker ;)

          still, the basic keyboard which i plugs into is still £40 which still brings it in at almost half the RRP of the caty one. (the best deal for the reviewed one is around £87)

          So even though I overlooked the fact that my initial post lists a naff replacement key pad, the point that they keyboard is a rippoff and is basically a clone of a product already on the market with a different sticker on it, is still valid.

          is a sticker of a Dragon instead of a dranei and a bloodelf worth £45 quid more to you?


  5. Pablo

    I do love many-buttoned mice

    But lately I've been very frustrated with how fast even high end mice wear out, and more buttons means more things to break. Last time this happened I finally gave up and got the cheapest five-button mouse I could find (Pixxo ML-G135, if anyone cares), so at least I won't feel like I got ripped off if it breaks within a year. And aside from feeling strangely light in my hand, it's done fine so far.

    I suppose a true fan might be okay with buying a pricey mouse every year or two, or maybe this one is built to last, but having been burned before my first thought seeing that thing was "Wow, I bet that would be really sweet until half the buttons break and drive you insane." Hopefully I'm wrong.

  6. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    "I am Rangore the Defiant! The destroyer of worlds! I will eat you for breakfast, make my bread with your bones! Your eyes will stud my crown of hate! Kneel before me!!|

    "Tommy are you playing that silly game again when you should be doing your homework?"

    "No Mum...I'm starting now....*grumble* *grumble*"

  7. Rattus Rattus

    That's a very pretty mouse

    It comes standalone, right? Or can you only get it in a pack with the keyboard?

    Shame about the WoW logo on it, I'd like a good quality steampunk themed mouse but I don't play WoW. Anyone know a good (&sturdy) steampunk mouse without WoW logos and preferably with only three buttons?

    1. Loyal Commenter

      My thoughts exactly

      Lovely looking mouse, shame about the WoW logo. I, too, would like a proper steampunk mouse without it being tied in with a game in a way that would embarrass most people.

      1. tony

        A Title.

        Me too.

  8. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

    Caveat Emptor

    Razer Naga + Logitech G15 FTW imho.

    I have heard that the steelseries WoW mouse was plagued initially by a lot of faults and build quality was bad. Google the initial reviews out there. Not very favorable so just be forewarned. This may well be a newer iteration but I bought my naga after comparing the two at a shop. The naga just feels better built and more ergonomic, and ... having another razer mouse for FPS, to me they have proven themselves as pretty good mice makers, good enough for me at any rate.

    The G15, well, I've had this for YEARS, it's taken quite a hammering (some games are more demanding than others!) and works as new. Tough, reliable, flexible, programmable. Possibly the only thing I'd replace it for would be another G15.

  9. Robb Dunphy

    Nice looking mouse....

    I wouldn't mind it, as for the keyboard, I've a logitech g19 and it does everything I really need, as well as having a nice little screen for all sorts of fun things while gaming.

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