back to article Make it Intel: CSIRO needs new kit to replace supercomputer

Australia’s national science agency, the CSIRO (Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation), has issued a tender to replace its Silicon Graphics Altix 4700 systems with Linux x86-based kit. The tender, which closes on 1 March, seeks a system with double the capacity of the Altix, compatibility with existing …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    "...x86-based kit."

    "...the new system should have a minimum of 128 processor cores..."

    Sounds more like a giant radiator to me...

  2. Stuart 18


    Doesn't Dell - oops sorry - AMD make x86 chips. Not that I want to make nominations for misleading titles of the year but: what were you thinking??

  3. mc nobby


    Well technically, if we are nit picking. Via also make x86 processors and so do D&MP . It doesnt say it cant be a cluster of embedded x86 processors does it? Might be a bit tricky getting the network connectivity tho

  4. PatrickE


    Why not use a bunch PS3s networked together like that PhD Physics student 1-2 years ago doing black hole research. Sony donated 8 PS3s and the student mentioned they were kick-butt faster than (100s? of) Intels at maths processing.

    CSIRO only need to jailbreak the things to run Linux :)

  5. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

    Does something this small

    actually count as a supercomputer?

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