back to article 'Unlimited' misleading on throttled broadband: Federal Court

Australia's Federal Court has handed the ACCC a win over the misleading use of the word “unlimited” in broadband advertisements. In a decision handed down in Melbourne this week, Justice Anthony North of the Federal Court agreed with the ACCC that the word “unlimited” in Optus advertisements was misleading. Under the plans …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Two nations divided by a common lanuage

    It seems a similar divide exists between Australia and the UK.

    You see, here in the UK, the definition of 'unlimited' is something which has a monthly cap, throttling/shaping applied during peak times and gets you either booted off or forced to upgrade to an unlimiteder package if you use too much.

    Whereas in Australia, it would appear that 'unlimited' means something which is limit-free...

    How odd!

    1. cannon
      Big Brother

      UK Corporate Government

      teh problem in the UK, is that the corporations own the UK government, which is why they always get away with their criminal activity like, BAE Systems (internationally, illegal weapon deals), BT (Illegal spying phorm), like a little misleading in advertising, imo fraud, is never commented on in a negative light, by the UK government or the propaganda media as a whole.

      they dont want you to upset the flow of monies n job offers into their greasy stooge palms.

  2. Stewart Atkins


    Shouldn't that read:

    The Federal Court has handed the ACCC a win over the use of the word “UNLIMITED” in broadband advertisements.


  3. neminnen

    pet peeve

    It would be nice if everything that everything would be declared misleading that has an obvious meaning to the majority of people in and outside of the field?

    Or at least if the opposite fits the actual description better...

    Unlimited* - *not unlimited

    Lifetime* - *not a particularly long time

    Free* - *not free

  4. Richard Chirgwin (Written by Reg staff)


    Thanks for the correction. I used to hate sub-editors until I had to be one.

    1. thecakeis(not)alie

      Sub editors.

      They are very useful. They help young writers grow, learn and hopefuly become better at their craft. Also: every now and again they kill your "babies*."

      *Not actual babies, but as a writer you can sometimes become attached to an article, only to have it (most often rightly) torn to shreds.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A little behind...

    15gigs or 30gig download cap? I guess they don't have HD streaming video in Australia.

  6. Sam Therapy

    You may not like Sky but...

    ...their unlimited package really is unlimited. No cap, no throttling.

    OK, not the fastest in the world but taken overall it works out pretty good. Yes, evil empire and all that but hey, I have no shame.

  7. Leona A
    Thumb Up

    Its about time

    A spade was called a spade, and the word Unlimited is removed from ALL adverts from companies who Cap their data or service in any way, as its NOT unlimited is it? No, right then, how hard can this be?

    The use of the word Unlimited should be banned unless the service truly is, if it isn't, then don't use the word, its really quite Simpliez!

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