back to article Vodafone signals own-brand handset refresh

Vodafone has refreshed the range of handsets it puts out under its own name, offering three options for the shallow-pocketed mobile user. The Vodafone 252 is a cheap-as-chips handset with minimal spec, boosted by the presence of M-PESA - a system for making payments with a phone. That system is only active in parts of Africa, …


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  1. Andrew Woodvine

    Micro-USB chargers

    It's good to see that the 351 (so presumably the others too) have a micro-USB charging socket. Maybe these devices are made by a Chinese company; the Chinese government mandated a single charging standard as way back as 2007.

    I remember lots of the big players signing a Memorandum of Understanding to switch to micro-USB a few years ago but still some of them are still using propriety charging standards, it's about time they got their act together.

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  3. David 15

    Made in China?

    Probably - IIRC, the previous Vodafone branded devices were all made by Huawei, a Chinese company.

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