back to article Dell crams two four-way Opterons into cloudy server

Are you a hyperscale data center and supercomputer shops looking to cram lots of x64 cores in a tight space while having plenty of PCI-Express peripheral expansion? Take a good look at the new PowerEdge C6145, announced today by Dell. The PowerEdge C6145 is one in a growing line of bespoke cloudy boxes that Dell sort of …


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  2. Dave 13

    and then??

    So, you fill a 42U rack with 21 of these and you now find it draws 32 KW and you can't power it or cool it. Sounds like progress to me..

  3. Levente Szileszky

    Your comparison is really off

    ...prices, numbers etc.

    First a 4-way 2U Dell R815 and a 4-way 4U HP DL585 G7 both cost the same, equipped with four 12-core CPUs they usually start around HALF of what this 8-way new 'miracle' supposed to cost.- which means this thing is not much cheaper at all.

    Second as even yourself pointed out buying the biggest, most badass 8-way Intel is really not a comparison when you can just buy a bunch of 2-way or 4-way nodes, Intel or AMD, whichever you prefer.

    Third: power? A 4-way R815 is 1kW, typically redundant - is this 2kW?

    Though for GPU-based famrs it's very nice, I agree but...

    ,,,lastly: just how LOUD is this thing? I mean cooling EIGHT fastest TWELVE-CORE procs in 2U.... must be deafening.:)

This topic is closed for new posts.

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