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Acer has unwrapped its iPad alternative, the ten-inch Iconia Tab A500, which features the now de rigeuer Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Due in April, the A500 is powered by Nvidia's two-core Tegra 250 chip running at 1GHz. The 10.1in screen has a 1280 x 800 resolution, but you can also play content through the tablet's mini HDMI port …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Acer tablet

    Looks nice. Acer produces some of the best laptops and netbooks. El Reg's reviews concur with the matter. So this could be a very nice product. Can't wait for pricing to be announced...

  2. Lottie


    looks fairly cool and seems well equipped. I like Acer, the Aspire One kicked ass.

  3. Miek

    mmmm tasty

    This one is at the top of the list of Tablets for me.

  4. Stuart Archer


    Can anyone explain to me why you'd want a rear-facing camera on a device like this? Genuine question, as I can't imagine a situation in which I'd need it, certainly not one to justify the extra cost, however little that may be in practice. I may, however, be missing the point..

    1. lglethal Silver badge

      I was thinking the same thing

      A quick straw poll around the office (ok thats only 4 people) but no one can think of a really good reason for a camera on the back of something this big. I mean your hardly going to whip this out for some quick fire photography like you can with a phone camera, and with only 4MP with no optics, the quality is not going to be anything to write home about...

      Ideas anyone? Is it just because the Ipad had one that everyones copying it even if its next to useless?

      1. BingBong

        Ipad does not have a camera ..

        although ipad2 might though.

        A rear facing camera is useful for ...

        + Augmented reality apps ... kinda fun when linked with a GPS and a gyroscope

        + Barcode scanning

        + Google Goggles

        + snapshot note taking or document "scanning"

        + Things we haven't thought of yet

    2. David Evans

      It IS actually useful

      I use the rear camera on my Galaxy Tab for taking pics of whiteboards etc and putting them into Evernote.

      1. TakeTheSkyRoad

        Required for Android

        The spec and hardware requirements for a standard "android device" (eg GPS) actually include both front and rear facing cameras in the spec. Without the extra camera there is no access to the marketplace unless you manually install it.

        Disclamer : This is something "I read some where" though so I could easy be wrong BUT I does seem logic to a degree. When designing a marketplace app you need to be assured basic/minium hardware requirements.

    3. Adam Price

      Augmented Reality

      Rear Camera is essential for AU apps like dishpointer.

  5. Bassey

    Re: Camera

    I suspect that, at least in part, it is just "Feature tick box". In Dixons and the like, these things are displayed with a list of features with ticks next to them if they have it. If this device doesn't have a tick next to "5MP camera" and a rival next to it, at a similar price, does - joe public will buy the one that seems to offer most bang-for-the-buck.

    Also, there are apps on the Android Marketplace which require a camera. I can imagine it being useful for something like Google SkyMap.

    1. Giddy Kipper

      I'm sorry?

      Google Sky Map? Uses the camera? Clever how it works in pitch darkness then ...

  6. BingBong

    Battery life is the key

    It looks a nice product but if (like their early netbooks) the battery life is dire then it will fail to sell in large numbers (just to the early adopters and gadget freaks - which could include me 8-).

  7. Alex Walsh


    Looks like they're in for a fail with a low capacity battery?

  8. SisterClamp

    I don't mind Acer...

    ...we have a few Acers around the house but, in terms of features and most bang for your buck, I don't think you can move past Asus. I'll be watching this one for a price (and it does look cool) but I'll be comparing it to any Asus offerings before I make my final decision.

  9. Sartori

    Very nice but.....

    Looks a really nice tablet and I would be very keen to get one but it depends entirely on battery life. Hopefully some figures will come out soon on that or else it might have to end up being the Samsung, though i'd rather buy an Acer.

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