back to article Windows 7 service pack to land this month

Microsoft's first service pack for Windows 7 will, according to speculative reports, reach the company's MSDN and TechNet subscribers this time next week. WinRumors cites sources close to the matter, who have pinned down 16 February as the date when Windows 7 SP1 will ship to Microsoft subscribers. The service pack apparently …


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  1. Rabbi
    Gates Horns

    See this month's Windows Updates . . .

    . . . they included 2 patches for Windows 7 that are required before installing SP1.

    Presumably issues were discovered after the service pack "hit manufacturers" and they are waiting for Automatic Updates to spread the fixes before they consider RTM.

    1. scudcraft

      and the "patches" suck

      After the 2/9 upgrade, I got periodic warnings that I have an "unauthorized" copy of Windows and MSE refused to load/run. After wasting hours trying to find a rootkit, I rolled back the 2/9 Windows 7 x64 update and everything's fine.

  2. SirTainleyBarking

    Well considering the size of what was delivered last night for Vista

    and this morning in work for XP, this should be a behemoth

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