back to article Microsoft set to reshuffle management pack

Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer is reportedly planning to bring in more senior product execs in a management reshuffle at Redmond. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, which cites two people familiar with the situation, Ballmer could announce the team changes in the next few weeks. In recent months, many top name execs have …


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  1. IT specialist
    Gates Horns

    Ballmer is next in line to be fired

    This is Ballmer[s last hurrah, before he too goes to the chopping block, due to the failure of Windows Phone 7/

    That'll be 3 mobile failures: Windows Mobile, Kin, and Windows Phone 7. Three strikes and you're out.

    1. Ragarath

      From what I hear...

      Windows Phone 7 is liked by quite a few people. I went Android though because for me WP7 is too early after release for me to spend my money on, and could go either way.

      But you have to love people announcing failures before they occur because they think it gives them street cred or something to dis the supposed bad Microsoft.

      1. Giles Jones Gold badge

        Too late

        It's a failure in that it is too late to the market. Microsoft need to have world beating product to make any impact on the market at this stage. It has promise but it's a few years behind the competition.

        It took Microsoft three years to produce a modern replacement for Windows Mobile when it could have taken just one year.

        They wasted time producing small tweaks to Windows Mobile 6.x and wasted time on the Kin. Two products nobody wanted.

        Ultimately it shows poor leadership.

      2. G_C

        It's true...

        It does give you 'street cred'...

    2. Spearchucker Jones

      How is Windows Mobile a failure?

      It's sold more copies than iOS. Are you one of those IT specialists with a cork on the end of your fork?

      1. Anonymous Coward

        Erm "Get The Facts"

        Those are "sold" to carriers - not ones that were activated which MS is staying very tight lipped about.

        Please engage brain before hitting the keyboard.

  2. Doug Glass

    The Corporate Way

    When things are going badly, the solution is always to increase the number of managers and executives. What a load of crap ... MS is truly a shining example of the Peter Principle with bottlenecks always forming at the top.

  3. Wang N Staines


    The guy at the top is a complete idoit. There's where the change is needed most.

    1. Giles Jones Gold badge


      I think it's going a bit far to call him an idiot. He's a numbers droid, all he is interested in is if the money is rolling in, who cares how they achieve that.

      Bill Gates was a geek, he cared about products, computers and software. Which is probably why there appeared to be a bit more innovation and leadership back then. Ballmer just reacts to the competition and does what they do as there's a few bucks in it.

      He's not in the correct role, he should be their chief financial guy (CFO). They need someone like Jobs or Gates in the CEO role again, someone who has some vision.

      1. Ted Treen
        Jobs Halo

        Well said, Giles

        Yes, I'm a Mac user (even a fanboy) but I bemoan that Microsoft have tended towards the reactive these days.

        Whilst I accept that on the whole, Apple march to their own drum, I still feel that a little innovative competition helps to spur them on somewhat.

        Innovative competition from a visionary company would encourage them greatly and we would all ultimately benefit, despite the inevitable invective from the naysayers.

      2. Magnus_Pym

        Here, let me fix that for you.

        Bill Gates was a lawyer, he cared about protecting the lock-in for DOS/Windows.

        1. G_C


          I think you could be on to something there considering how much time they spend in court!

      3. G_C

        I did not know that!?

        Steve Jobs was a CEO of Microsoft!?

        (sorry... just taking the piss...)

  4. RightPaddock


    How can MS shuffle its managers, it hasn't got any managers.

    Try shuffling the deck Steve, or the chairs, or your ideas - oops, you've run out of them too I guess.

    Call Ben Ali, he'll tell you how to step down


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