back to article Argonne taps IBM for 10 petaflops super

The US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory announced on Tuesday that it has inked a deal with IBM to build a monster BlueGene supercomputer that will weigh in at 10 petaflops of peak theoretical performance when it is operational around the middle of next year. El Reg caught wind of the Mira BlueGene/Q massively …


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  1. The Cube
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    Shame they couldn't fix the cooling system

    Needing water at 16-25C is really not smart at all. There are plenty of good water cooled designs out there that can take cooling water in at 40C-45C and put it back out over 55C even on Intel's hottest chips. The very low temperature required on this design means that the new owner is likely to get a notable amount less performance for their dollar than if the cooling system ran at a decent temperature and didn't need to waste money buying and running refrigeration.

  2. Inspector71

    This comment was predictable

    Research, Pah! They should have this up and running just in time for Crysis 2.

    Coat, etc,etc.......

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