back to article Vodafone nabs new Nexus

Vodafone has got its hands on the Google-Samsung Nexus S - reviewed here. The second-generation Googlephone is currently available through Carphone Warehouse, which is selling it for a whopping four pence less than it was before, provided you pay a £10 pay-as-you-go top-up. Carphone Warehouse generous Nexus S discount …


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  1. Rich 30


    Its £429.99 without the £10 in CPW stores, so i think i'll just grab that, instead. Also, the CPW version is unlocked and unbranded, which is good, becuase i sure as hell dont want any of the Voda360 software on mine!

    Or will the Voda version also be unlocked and unbranded?

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Soon means..

    As soon as they can bork it by loading all the Vodafone 360 branding and bloatware on it,.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Surprisingly no

      At least with the N1 they didn't. I got mine from Google direct, my bro got his on contract through Vodafone. While his Froyo update was indeed a few months behind mine and with a different build number there was no Vodafone junk to be found.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Not worth it

    I have a Nexus S, and a HTC Desire. (Bought the former after an accidental meeting of phone and mopbucket led to a temporary loss of service with the HTC Desire).

    I have to say I'm not very impressed by the Nexus S.

    I miss the HTC Sense widgets (very useful and allowed me to tailor my phone exactly how I wanted it). I miss the build quality of the HTC Desire compared to the Nexus. I miss the rock solid phone I once had - as the Nexus S randomly crashes and reboots.

    Also - there are quite a few pregnant pauses with the Nexus S (I assume its performing garbage collection).

    All in all - the Nexus S is not for your average phone user. If you don't need NFC, and you don't want to be on the bleeding edge of Android releases - then don't buy one.



    1. Hyphen
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      IMHO these phones have shocking build quality. Went to play with one in a Carphone Warehouse and was appalled with how... "plasticky" they felt.

      I'm a happy Nexus One owner and happy with the Google-only OS, but my next phone certainly wouldn't be the Nexus S.

      (The N1 feels slightly less well built in comparison to the Desire, although nothing like the Nexus S)

    2. Andrew Woodvine

      Re: Not worth it

      I also have a Nexus S and a HTC Desire. I bought the Nexus S as using GPS on the Desire caused it to overheat and constantly restart.

      I have to say I'm really impressed by the Nexus S.

      I've downloaded all the widgets I want from the marketplace. Although the Nexus S is plasticy the build quality seems goo enough. I've not experienced a single crash or reboot.

      I've had to restart it a few times because it starts pausing when switching home-screens, but that's all.

      I find that I get signal on my Nexus S where I don't on my Desire, the screen is better and the loudspeaker sounds far less tinny.

      All in all - I find the Nexus S a great phone and the first smartphone that I've been truly happy with. Each to their own though.

  4. JaitcH

    It would be good to get a Nexus 2 without frills ...

    as the carrier software seems to spoil the experience.

    I live in a country where cell handset manufacturers have to sell unlocked, from the factory, units. They are also able to sell through carriers with all their 'bling' added.

    Although not a smartphone owner I have had the opportunity to use friends units here as well as identical units in North America, loaded with carrier ware, and the perceived operating is remarkably different in many cases.

    Our 'unlocked prices' from manufacturer stores are lower than PAYG units of the same type from carriers.

  5. Joe Earl

    False Advertising

    There a 2 major flaws in the Nexus S:

    1) Prior to 2.3.2 it has an SMS bug

    2) In 2.3.2 there is a bug causing it to randomly restart (especially on calls longer than 3 mins)

    one of which *must* currently be present in the handset when sold (it will have 2.3.2 or a previous version) yet I see both CPW and Vodafone failing to advertise as such (despite Google having publicly announced these).

    Thus AFAIK (IANAL) all current sales technically breach the sale of goods act (1999) - that a product must be as advertised and of 'satisfactory quality'.

    PS: Was Nexus S owner. Might get one again when they've sorted out this mess. Wish I'd never let my N1 go.

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