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'Do you wish to continue?' It's a question games have always asked after death – a challenge to players to overcome defeat and try, try, and try again. But when that same question is posed upon completion of every stage, as in MindJack, what initially comes across as over-politeness quickly begins to feel just plain apologetic. …


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  1. Chika

    Oh dear...

    Rip off city, here we come, or is my deja-vu of the premise behind Ghost In The Shell just all in my head?

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      But GiTS had a good storyline

      Also, Fujikomas.

  2. Mr Mark V Thomas

    "Mind Jacking" predates Ghost in The Shell...

    So let's get this straight, this is effectively a remake of the 80's game Paradroid...?

    Oh well, when do we get to see the 999 Command Cyborg, then...?

  3. Arctic fox

    I bet that lots of people think that being a reviewer on a site like El Reg.......

    ........must be a great job given that you get lots of lovely shinies to play with and to write about. This however, shows the downside of the job! Sometimes you have to watch/use and review something that does not even deserve half marks. Thanks for the warning - I will of course avoid this game like the plague.

  4. Storm Cloud

    I'll have a Arrgh please Bob!

    Well bad game or no, this comment made me chuckle. Maybe throwing it in as some kind of mini-game might have improved things. I can imagine cyborg Holness gunning you down if you get a wrong answer!

  5. Goat Jam


    It would be not so bad if this crapfest was just the latest iteration in an already done to death franchise but when a dev takes what is conceivably a reasonably innovative premise and proceeds to just flush it down the crapper then that is just sad.

    Queue marketards such as that clown from Treyarch blaming stupid angry gamers for "punishing a developer who dared to do something different" etc.

  6. Matt K


    Ah, thanks for reminding me of that one. I used to love Paradroid 90 (the remake) on my Atari ST.

  7. Gordon 10
    Thumb Up

    +1 for Paradroid remake

    Or the spectrum sequel whose name I forget.

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