back to article Hack spies 'iPad 2' at mag launch

A gadget that may be the next iPad was seen at the launch of decorative, coffee table-friendly newsmagazine The Daily yesterday. According to the Reuters reporter who spotted the tablet, the only thing he or she could say that was different from the current model was "a front-facing camera at the top edge of the glass screen …


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  1. BorkedAgain


    Is it me, or does this sound just a touch orchestrated?

    Sorry, I guess I'm supposed to be making little hops with my arms clutched tight against my chest going "goody goody goody!" or somesuch but come on. With that description it could have been any fondleslab on or approaching the market including half the £87.50 jobs that DSG will shit into a box for you any day of the week.

    Slow news day?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      The problem is that the iPad is news

      However you look at it the iPad is the yardstick against which all other slabs will be measured.

      A new iPad will change the measurement - your spiffy soon-to-be-released droid slab may stack up favourably against the current model of iPad but as soon as Apple release the next gen iPad the alternatives may not look as good.

      Apple are predictable, incredibly so. It is a fair bet that the iPhone5 (or 4GS or whatever it gets called) will be announced early summer and released shortly afterwards - as has happened with iPhones for the last few years. Smart money says a new iPad is imminent and logic dictates that it will be announced and released before the next iPhone - which means any time now.

      In short, the reading public will fall into 4 categories:

      (1) those who don't care about tablets

      (2) those that want a tablet and would only consider Apple

      (3) those that want a tablet but hate Apple

      (4) those that want a tablet and are still open minded.

      Only those in category (1) aren't at least slightly interested in iPad 2 information. And those people would not likely read or comment on this article.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        @ Lee dared to suggest Apple were the yardstick.

        That's too close to fanboi-ism for droidbois, so downvotes ahead for you...oh wait, you've got one already. Wasn't me, honest!

        What...I've been downvoted too? Yay...prediction number 2 is proven correct!

        Written on my non-tablet.

      2. Mullerrad


        I have an iPad it's ok but crippled by being locked and no flash. I gonna buy me an android tablet zoom or one of the others. I make this choice, I love my mac pro, not over the moon about iPhone 4 prefer my nexus one. I'm not a fan boy I have feet in both camps and think iPad will struggle against the onslaught. from android.

  2. Kebablog

    Where's the pictures?

    Room full of reporters yet no pictures, as said by BorkedAgain slow news day.

    1. TeeCee Gold badge

      Re: Where's the pictures?

      That would be the Smudger's job. What you have there is just the hacks. Their job is to consume as much free booze as possible to fuel the important task of ripping off someone's blog entry, slapping on some quotes off Twitter* and submitting the result as copy.

      *Actually this item may be Old Skool: Make up something interesting that can't be verified or discredited.

  3. JDX Gold badge

    Hard-hitting journalism

    "Man sees something, might be something new". Better suited to the Mash methinks.

  4. Mystic Megabyte


    I'll buy a pad when I can watch BBC10 on it. Like in then film 2010.

    HAL icon needed!

  5. JaitcH

    Apple PR at work

    Have you noticed when the California fruit factory is out of the newspapers something crops up to bring it to peoples attention.

    Given the flap about the boozy Apple employee who lost his pre-production Lemon it is doubtful that the would make that mistake again.

    This is what PR companies do - tease iPhans in to ignoring all the new, improved competition until another Apple upgrade is ready.

    1. famousringo
      Black Helicopters

      It's all thanks to you

      It's all thanks to people like you. All the Apple lovers and haters who diligently click every story with the word 'Apple' in it, then leave a comment of soaring praise or scathing criticism.

      Not a calculated and cunning PR campaign, just clicks. Lots of clicks of people looking for Apple news to send them into spasms of rage or shivers of excitement. Clicks drive the internet, and Apple news, or even just Apple rumours, drive the clicks.

    2. Ammaross Danan


      Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if this prototype spotted was 9 months old. Once Apple decided they wanted to incorporate FaceTime into the iPad, they'd have to build a prototype with a front-facing camera to test it. Perhaps since it may be an early prototype, it would explain the lack of other more-recent features....

  6. Mark .

    And wait - then after that, there'll be an iPad 3?

    Another vaporware rumour article. How about news on products, rather than endlessly speculating that there might be an iPad 2 after the iPad 1. (Guess what - maybe there'll be an iPad 3. And maybe Windows 8 and Windows 9. And Samsung and Asus will release some more netbooks, that will be better than what's available now!)

    Lee: "However you look at it the iPad is the yardstick against which all other slabs will be measured."

    That's the very thing people are complaining about. It's a circular argument - "there's hype about the iSlate, because there's hype about the iSlate".

    "your spiffy soon-to-be-released droid slab may stack up favourably against the current model of iPad"

    A current tablet or netbook stacks up fine now. Future vaporware rumoured products will outdo the current Ipad, and will stack up fine against a future vaporware rumoured Ipad.

    "Only those in category (1) aren't at least slightly interested in iPad 2 information."

    You could make your 4-category argument about any kind of product. Does that mean we should have endless "Rumours of next product after the current one" for all of them?

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