back to article AA rolls out pricey own-brand satnav app

The AA has launched its own satnav app. Well, sort of. The £27 download actually appears to be ALK CoPilot Live with a yellow skin. AA Satnav   CoPilot Live 8 Separated at birth? AA Satnav (left) and CoPilot Live 8 The savvy buyer will opt for CoPilot - it's only £20. Or you could go for the AA's Route Planner app, which …


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  1. Peter Bond

    Surely the canny punter

    buys Android and gets free fully-functional turn-by-turn satnav?

  2. deadlift


    ... NavFree, which uses Open Street Map. And is free.

  3. Robredz

    Or Even...

    Ovi Maps if you have a Nokia.....

  4. pixelatedpete

    Same price no?

    If the AA one includes the UK & Ireland maps then it is the same price and regular CoPilot Live!

This topic is closed for new posts.

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