back to article Time Warner Cable bags NaviSite for $230m

Time Warner Cable is buying cloudy hosting company NaviSite for $230m cash. A spinout of the AOL-Time Warner mega-conglomerate that runs the Road Runner Internet service in 27 states in the US, TWC has cloudy aspirations just like other service providers. Rather than build its own cloudy infrastructure service to fluff up its …


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  1. Oninoshiko

    are they "high end" because they are SAS 70 Type II?

    SAS 70, Type II just means "we have written policies and they are followed." It is not any type of technical or security certification.

    Auditing for it is done by Certified Public Accountants.

    Mines the one with the binder labeled "SAS 70 Audit Checklist" in the pocket.

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