back to article Sales show WinPho 7 off to a flying start

Smartphone market watchers have generally focused on the battle between the big boys - Nokia, Apple, Research in Motion (Rim) and the Android crowd - in their analysis of the last quarter's sales. But the quarter's biggest launch was Microsoft's attempt to get back in the game, with Windows Phone 7, the smartphone platform …


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  1. Tom 7 Silver badge

    storm in a teaspoon


  2. Stuart Combellack

    Win Pho7 != Win Mob 6.5

    They are targeted at different markets. Phone 7 needs to compete with WebOS, Android, IOS. Not WinMo 6.5 (PDA's, embedded systems, etc.).

    1. Steven Knox
      IT Angle

      The article was not precise....

      but I believe you'll find that NPD's data is on the smartphone in particular, not PDAs and embedded systems. Until the second half ot the quarter, the MS OS for shipping smartphones was WinMo 6.5 -- and I'll bet there are still a few in channel. On that basis, I'd say the article's analysis was sound.

  3. fishman

    Two for one?

    Wasn't there all sorts of deals on the WP7 phones, like 2 for 1?

    1. HighlightAll

      Couldn't give them away

      I think I saw BOGOF+XBox360+university tuition fees at one point.

    2. Anonymous Coward

      Yup, in the US

      However, when you look at it, it's basically buy 1 handset on a new contract, get another handset free (on another new contract). So it was essentially halving the up front cost of the handset, if you bought 2. You still needed to enter into 2 contracts - so not quite the bargain that it sounds, and most probably, not something which (excessively?) artificially inflates the handset sales figures.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    I see what you did there

    WP7 flopped globally, so you only included the better NPD US-only sales figures, in typical Microsoft/Xbox misleading fashion...

    Are people here idiots? You seem to think so. It's a global market, so lets stop cherry picking regional stats that tell the story you want to tell.

  5. Liam Thom

    They're doomed...

    ...until they don't let the likes of HTC put their Interfaces over those boring squares.

  6. Sean Baggaley 1

    2% seems tiny, but...

    ... it's pretty damned good for an OS that had barely been in the market for more than a couple of months.

    WebOS had over two years to reach a similar level, and that's with the "Palm" name recognition, but that flopped big time. That WinPho7 managed to get above 1% is therefore not too shabby given the timescales involved.

    Another point is that there simply aren't anywhere near as many devices running WinPho7 as there are running some flavour of WebOS and Android.

    Take a look at the sales graphs Apple's CEO likes to show off for their iPhone sales each year and you can see that even iOS started out with a fairly small market share. They were happy with a few million sales in the first *year*.

    Personally—and this is a little strange coming from a Mac user—I hope WinPho7 does well. I don't expect it to stomp all over its market as its desktop brother did in the 1990s, but the industry needs *multiple* independent sources of UX R&D. Google isn't going to provide it, and WebOS has taken two years to reach a market share WinPho7 achieved in just 90 days.

    (I suspect WebOS may do better on tablets, assuming HP's follow-through is solid.)

    1. Charles Manning

      First release effect

      There are two ways to read that 2%....

      Optimistic: It's new and unknown and was only on sale for half a quarter. Therefore 2% is really quite good and if we grow by 2% every half of a quarter well have something like 20% market share by the end of the year !! and by the 2015 we'll have 150% market share!!!

      Pessimistic: We advertised the hell out of it and some people have been waiting for a while. That 2% was the mad rush of punters wanting the device. Now that they've bought theres is anyone else going to buy?

      I expect reality is somewhat closer to the latter. Just like Zune and Kin.

  7. GreenOgre
    Thumb Down

    Sales to the Faithful?

    Since those are US figures, I suspect that most were bought as tokens of fealty to the fading Church of Windows. The rest because they were BO-GOF?

  8. Mikel

    Channel stuffing

    The facebook stats give better numbers. And they're not pretty for WP7.

    Rumor has XBox-like return numbers as well.

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