back to article AOL fails to suck up ad revs in Q4 results

AOL continued to struggle to sell online ads in the company's fiscal fourth quarter. The ailing internet firm reported today that its total ads revenue tumbled to $331.6m for the period ended 31 December 2010. That's down 29 per cent on the same period a year earlier, when AOL pulled in $468.6m. AOL's total Q4 sales were …


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  1. Trev 2

    Perhaps there is hope yet....for no more AOL

    It's going to take longer than planned, but if they lose 1/4 of all subscribers per year then they should be gone in maybe 5 years tops (given that a few might hang on at the end).

    The figures do make me wonder - if they've increased profits to $66m that presumably means they fired a lot of people, so why is it still costing them a fortune to run? Presumably the profit is after tax, but even so when you discount that plus servers, bandwidth and such it still sounds like the operation is costing them a small fortune to run.

  2. asdf

    AOL still exists?

    No body necessary. Along with AMD/ATI worse IT M/A ever.

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