back to article Content owners lock arms in front of Aus content review

After a start delayed by rain, NSW’s bushfire season got underway this week, and unlike previous years, there were no copyright objections raised against Google putting bushfire incidents on a map. I mention this because over at the DBCDE's Convergence Review, copyright is all the rage. The Department of Broadband, …


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  1. Tom 35


    “legitimate rights and expectations of providers in the content supply value chain”.

    So a bunch of middle men who think it's their right to divert as much "value" as possible into their own pockets and expect to ban anything that might bypass them.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    'nuf said.

  3. Mark 65 Silver badge


    "content supply value chain"

    Can't even think what that refers to here in Australia. No doubt there will be much banging of the protectionist "it will protect Australian jobs/music industry/movie industry (delete as applicable) from grave harm etc etc" drum to try and appeal to politicians to change the law.

    Australia - desperately trying to return to the stone age.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Copyright my arsehole.....

    There is SOOOOOOOOOOO much content (great to crap) being shoved at us from ALL directions in all mediums...

    I really do not give a fuck any more...

    Retreats to the back yard shed to do something interesting with my time - instead of being force fed shit...


    AFACT = Fuck off you idiots.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Programmers Link Arms

    When musicians refuse to use open-source software I think the technical world can start taking copyright a little more seriously. Most programmers would love to sit at home creating useful software everybody wants and would pay for. But we recognise that we need to use our talents in the commercial world grinding through dull requirements; and dream of making contributions to open source in our spare time.

    I have a lot of respect for musicians that work for a living; who perform at gigs, at the local pub, for their local radio show, or make jingles for advertisers.

    In "Sultans of Swing" by Dire Straits is the line "Harry doesn't mind.. if he doesn't make the scene. He's got a daytime job, he's doing alright!".

    The attitude of a lot of Australian musicians is outrageous, however, when they feel entitled to revenue because of their chosen hobby. Should any of them become big and famous enough they'll have their revenue streams. It takes a lot of hard work to get there, however, and there's very little reward until you get there.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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