back to article China drafts in parent army to battle internet addiction

China has sought to battle the scourge of internet addiction among the youth by giving parents the right to monitor their offspring's online meanderings. Eight government departments have issued new guidelines due to come into force from next month. These will allow, among other things, parents to set restrictions on their …


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  1. John Tserkezis

    Ah, so they're still doing what they've always done:

    Beat them into submission. Or death, whichever comes first. It's all good.

  2. Matt Siddall


    "Last June, 14 kids staged a daring break-out from one camp which was only foiled when it turned out they didn't have the cash to pay their getaway driver - a taxi. ®"

    They clearly haven't played enough GTA...

  3. gef05

    well reported, AFP

    FTA: "It's unnecessary and it will prompt more rebelliousness from the children," one father glumly told the China Daily newspaper, AFP reports."

    Thank god they got this quote for balance.

  4. Proxy Server

    2 hours a week?

    Schoolkids? 2 hours a week? Are they going to ban reading books too?

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