back to article Speedlink goes gold for Competition Pro silver jubilee

Speedlink is celebrating 25 years of joystick jubilation, with the release of a limited edition gold Competition Pro - the ultimate home arcade accessory. Those of you who owned a Commodore 64 or Amiga, will look back upon your first Competition Pro with nostalgic exhilaration. Now on its silver anniversary, a quarter of a …


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  1. killzone


    It's not a zipstick IS IT?

  2. Bassey

    If it's their Silver Anniversary....

    ...why is the joystick gold?

  3. Ian Stephenson

    Quichshot II FTW!!!

    Much better than that Kempston tat.

    1. Andrew Halliwell


      When I got my kempston joystick interface it came with a competitioin pro...

      So what do you mean "kempston tat"?

  4. IR


    Why do joysticks always look so rude when they are in shiney gold?

  5. Matt Piechota
    Thumb Down


    Wake me up when WICO makes a new ErgoStick. Now that was a true wonder of a device.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Classic Kempston joysticks had steel shafts, not the cruddy plastic of a Quickshot.

    Although Kempstons wern't any good for flight sims, having no triggers nor top buttons...

  7. Ravenger

    Not as good as it looks

    I bought the non-gold painted version a while back, for playing emulated C64 and Arcade games, and though it has the look and feel of the original joystick, the version I've got has a fundamental flaw - it doesn't handle quick responses well at all.

    It's ok for general use, but if you play any game that uses rapid joystick waggling or rotation (and many C64 games used this, as the sticks back then only supported one button) it often won't register the movements, and I believe this is down to the USB controller used.

    Wizball on the C64 is a prime example - it's very difficult to reliably activate the pickups with this stick. Maybe they've fixed it for the new version. Let's hope.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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