back to article Oracle promises to obey own OpenJDK rules

Oracle is drafting rules it says even it can obey to run the open-source reference implementation of Java, OpenJDK. The giant's Java platform group chief architect Mark Reinhold revealed on Monday that his company has been working since November on a series of bylaws intended to govern the recently expanded OpenJDK project. …


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  1. The BigYin
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    When Project Harmony (plus anyone else who wants one) gets a TCK and the gob-shite suits get dropped, then we will see. Oracle is just like MS when MS MS says "Hmm, we love standards and openness" and then not fully detailing their own standards and threatening open source projects with patents unknown.

    Until we see action, it's all just words; whilst the gums may be flapping in a new rhythm, the message has remained the same.

  2. niya blake

    A community process we can believe in

    Till we don't and then we will make MS look like a good player with standards .

  3. Doug 3

    wow, they said something?

    normally they just ignore everyone and don't make any statement or reply. Do we flip a coin to see if we should believe them or ignore them because it'll be effectively meaningless?

  4. RJ

    Fool me once...

    ...shame on me for trusting a company like Oracle the first time around.

  5. json
    Jobs Horns

    Apple supports Java in MacOS X but not on iOS

    what gives?

  6. FuzzyTheBear

    Sign this

    Oracle won't mind signing a sworn statement then? With heavy fines, jail terms and the death penalty for not respecting their signature . I mean they are good players and would never come back on their word ,now would they , so they have nothing to fear ?

  7. Fábio Rabelo de Deus

    Name them wrigth

    The correct name of Brasilian contributor to Eclipse is "FabianO NardonI" with an "o" replacing the "e" in the first name, and an "i" after the "n" in the family name !!!!!!

    And I am extremely sckeptical about anything Oracle "says" it will do .....

  8. Ubuntu Is a Better Slide Rule

    Free And Secure Programming Languages

    Here is a little list of programming languages free of the Java Patent Cruft:

    + FreePascal / Lazarus

    + GNU Ada (GNAT)

    + Cyclone

    + Modula-3

    We now know that Richard Stallmann was sport-on in suggesting that Java is a death-trap and the hunter in charge of the trap is named Larry Ellison.

    Tux knew.

  9. Ubuntu Is a Better Slide Rule

    Interesting New Language: ATS

    ATS is quite interesting:

    It is safe, efficient and can be used to prove correctness. Which is impressive.

    As another note, GNAT and FreePascal have GTK bindings to allow programmers write nice GUI apps.

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