back to article Google Docs morphs into once and future 'GDrive'

Google has updated Google Docs – its online word processor cum online file repository – offering new tools for finding, exploring, and sharing files stored on the service. Little more than a year ago, Google first allowed netizens to upload any file to Google Docs, a move that transformed the service into something not unlike …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    So, as Google mines all our data, to make money..

    ..would it wind them up if people only uploaded encrypted files (Truecrypt containers)? What's the maximum file-size?

    Can the pl0d go to court and get Google to give over all your files? Like, if they suspect you're involved in crime, or if one of them fancies you (and you are female).

    I'm sure they'd have all those UK uncut protestors' details, for example. We're all geeks, but will the general public realise these (potential) dangers?

    If we have to use their web interface for managing files, it will be a PAIN IN THE ASS.

    In conclusion, this service is only useful for backup

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    So, can we share movies and MP3s and stuff?


  3. Version 1.0 Silver badge

    Updated? Really?

    I have struggled for a while to find a reason to like Gmail and it's little toy applications - sadly it appears most useful to those of our employees who don't actually do any real work. No, I'm not trolling - I simply think that Google has lost its way with what was originally a good idea but has turning into "If it's different then it MUST be better" ... sadly this seems not to be the case.

    I have a feeling the the entire Google Docs / Gmail mess needs a lot more than an "update"

    1. Peter Holgate

      Totally Useless

      Having to live with the GMail paltform for work, I can honestly and wholeheartedly state that it's the worst email platform I've ever had to use.

      1. BorkedAgain

        @ Peter

        Really? You're serious about this?

        I can only assume you've never had to use Lotus Notes (or Outlook or Exchange Web) then...

        Me, I've been using gmail for work for months and it's been a revelation. It's great to find a mail platform that simply works the way you expect it to, and is available from pretty much anywhere...

        Can't please all the people all the time, I guess...

    2. mhenriday

      It might perhaps be interesting to hear something a bit more specific, Version 1.0,

      on what it is you dislike about Gmail, apart from your contention that «it appears most useful to those of our employees who don't actually do any real work». In what way is Google responsible for this «problem» - if it exists at all - rather than the leadership of the organisation - if it exists - for which these «employees» - if, indeed there are any - work ? Perhaps it is more than «the entire Google Docs / Gmail mess» which «needs a lot more than an 'update'» ?...


    3. David Beck

      Different from What?

      but has turning into "If it's different then it MUST be better" ...

      I use Gmail for personal and work, using filters to separate and file the correspondence, almost every day for the past 30 months or so. I find it much easier to use than any PC based mailer, an excellent SPAM catcher, great for travelling since you can access on any machine and most phones. It even supports one of my favourite mail features, address tags, which let me know who has sold/leaked my address.

      Could you tell me what the "little toy applications" are, after using it for 30 months I'm afraid I don't know of any applications associated with Gmail. There are UI options and features but applications? No, only if you measure an application by the iPhone standard.

  4. John Tserkezis

    All your documents are belong to us.

    One way or another.

  5. JohnG

    GMail Drive

    Someone (not Google) produced a Windows shell extension to use a GMail account as a disk drive:

    1. Robert E A Harvey


      Linux had a mountable gmail file system more or less from day 1. I used it, it was clever but slow. but very cool.

      1. M man

        yahoo? hotmail?

        is there a ymailfs or a hotmailfs ?

  6. json
    Paris Hilton

    Apple owns the 'i'<put whatever here> and now google the 'G'<anything>

    ..therefore I wouldn't be surprised that they'll develop their own wifi device and call it.. yes, you guessed it.. the GSpot!

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    yes, and make sure to take out a big mortgage with a friendly huge bank too

    having had google arbitrarily cancel my account a few years back, without having a coherent reason, so that i had to start a new account and lose everything i had saved up to that point; imagine how happy i am to give them custody of all my stuff.

  8. Ku...

    Google - potentially useful services, but...

    1. Google is Evil in more ways than I can be bothered to outline again here.

    2. Google's interface looks like it was designed by people who hate users. Or have shares in the manufacture of Asprin.

    I'm all for this cloud stuff. I find Dropbox to be the most useful thing I have discovered in years. Being an Android phone user and a Gmail user (hey, I must like evil then, right?) I find the G-whatever products easy to get sucked into. I just wish they were less crappy.

    I'm not giving all my docs to Google for sure.

  9. whats the point of kenny lynch?

    yep, dropbox is good..

    but they'll remove you if you're sharing illegal stuff - so how do they know what stuff you have?


    1. BorkedAgain


      That's a worry...

      Thanks for the heads-up. Is this documented anywhere or is it just FUD?

      1. whats the point of kenny lynch?

        t's & c's

        "You will only upload, post, submit or otherwise transmit data and/or files: (i) that you have the lawful right to use, copy, distribute, transmit, or display; or (ii) that does not infringe the intellectual property rights or violate the privacy rights of any third party"

        "Dropbox has adopted and implemented a policy that permits the deletion of files that violate this policy"

        so how do they know if you hold any files that violate their policy without looking?

  10. Kataku


    They should just buy dropbox and have done.

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