back to article Facebook launches location-tracking Places Deals

Facebook sank its teeth into more corners of Europe’s consumer market today, with the launch of a new mobile phone feature that it has dubbed ‘Places Deals’. The social network’s latest service tentacle rewards users who are happy to provide information about their whereabouts to Facebook with discounts and other offers. …


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  1. Code Monkey

    Who would want this?

    Click here to be bombarded with spam every time you walk past a Starbucks.

    Thank $DEITY my Android's fixed and I can sign up tonight!

  2. dotdavid

    has checked in to 'The Moon'

    The only "places" I've checked into on Facebook have been fictional or impossible. Hence my recent visits to the moon.

    Well, it amuses me anyway. Joke alert because you might not get it otherwise.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Nice for mr burglar

    Hey all, I've just checked in at Argos and buying a nice 50ins plasma.

    2 Days later:

    Hey all I've just checked in at Starbucks and enjoying a nice cup of free coffee.

    Mr Burglar: hey all I've just checked in at Mr X's house and am nicking their nice new plasma while they enjoy their free coffee at Starbucks.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    already been done... but funny, nonetheless

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Low usage?

    It'd be nice to see Places working on devices other than the iPhone

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Black Helicopters


      What ever device it don't work on will be the next phone I'd get. Anything that don't offer this creepy shit gets my thumbs up. People will say if you don't want it then don't use it BUT bet most phones will at some point report where you are anyway even if it don't get posted to your wall or where ever else. oh yeah Facebook opts you in to this by default, infact other people can CHECK YOU IN unless you "opt out" great if don't want this crap NOT.

      My non sheep phone might have a crap UI but at least it does warn me (sadly not default) when something wants my location data (its good old symbian :-) ) and its been around for ever and works to my liking.

  6. Fred Flintstone Gold badge
    Thumb Up

    Excellent move from Facebook

    I absolutely love it that they keep adding reasons to avoid it like the plague..

  7. petur


    wow... you use HTTPS to access xkcd?

  8. dssf

    I don't check in...

    I'm waiting for the day when I read that due to an increase in home burglaries due to insidious "checking in", personal health, home-owner's, and vehicle insurance premiums will go up 15% to stave off jubiliation drinking, burlaries of opportunity, and car thefts...

    Really, people. POST AFTER THE FACT, not in real time. Often, the home that has a rape victim in it is a victim known to the assailant. Home burglaries tend to be carried out by people who know what they are after and after they've cased or surveilled the target home.

  9. Dangermouse
    Thumb Up


    Lose privacy! Buy crap!

  10. maclekka

    promoting facebook places

    as if our newsfeeds do not have enough junk and spam, talk about information overload. thank goodness for apps like FB Purity, that let you hide all that junk from your stream, if you too are suffering, check it out here:

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