back to article Verizon borgs Terremark for $1.4bn

Telecom giant Verizon will shell out $1.4bn in cash to buy managed services and cloud computing partner Terremark Worldwide, bootstrapping itself into the upper echelons of the emerging cloud providers. Verizon Business, the IP networking and hosting arm of the telecom company, already resells white-label cloud computing …


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  1. James Woods

    haha ha

    The real story is terramark is/was in financial trouble and if you combine that with Verizon what you end up with is 2 losers.

    I dealt with terramark for a short period and have always enjoyed the quality experience both Verizon and Verizon wireless have provided me through the years (as I burn my contracts with joy) because "format your phone" doesn't seem to me to be the method of fixing a problem.

    So what do you get when 2 losers join force? Another sally mae and freddie mac. Will verizion be ruled too big to fail and need a bailout?

    Comcast better start doing the same thing because the only thing worse than Verizons market is the dwindling cable one. "Our technician will be there from 10-4 or 12-7 or well whenever they arrive.

    Now that the entire economy from the end-user to the corporate are off cutting costs it's very easy to make a quick decision when faced with cost and poor customer service.

    How's that dsl market working for you verizon? Do people enjoy talking to people in india to get support? Or how about how your blocking what websites and ip's your paying subscribers are able to visit?

    That's some idea of net neutrality. Perhaps in the future Gm can force their cars to drive to a gm dealer for service instead of going anywhere they want. That's the verizon internet experience.

    And heres the real kicker. What happens when the consumers decide to start outsourcing ourselves? What are all the hollow corporates going to do in their suites when we ask for an Indian CEO making 1/4 of what Americans are? All most ceo's are anyhow are talking heads and we can have one anywhere in the world.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    you do realise

    That since Verizon Purchased MCI that the "consumer" business is lower down on the priority list, OK, it's a big share of the US market but pales in comparison to the worldwide corporate and government business they inherited from MCI, like they care if consumer churn rates go up a bit, it's not like they make any real money from home users is it?

    I just hope I dont figure in the up coming "synegies" :-)

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