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If you’re of a nervous, sensitive disposition I advise you to look away now. For, you see, Dead Space 2 – Visceral’s space-based survival horror – is instantly, and without question, one of gaming’s most gruesome penny dreadfuls to date; eclipsing even its predecessor in the nausea-inducing stakes. Bodies will be mutilated, …


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  1. DS 1

    Yeah, I heard it the first time

    The first game got good reviews. I bought it, and found it provided a very bad over the shoulder view of the gamespace. Worse, it had bad movement, akin to trying to see your player walk while an elephant was humping his leg.

    Maybe just maybe later on in the game - some part of it saved it, but I never got that far. The game was antagonising and annoying, and clearly porting from console did bad things to it. And no, No ratings on version 2 will make me look at it.

    1. Ian Yates


      I was the same, unfortunately.

      I picked up the first one for under a tenner, but I just couldn't get on with the third-person view.

      Shame, as I did enjoy the atmosphere and tension building.

      1. serviceWithASmile
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        sorry to hear that, the first was one of my favourite games in a long while.

        I got over the clumsy controls and 3rd person viewpoint and managed to enjoy the game despite this. I got the second one on release day and they have definitely improved the controls although the viewpoint is still over-the-shoulder.

        If you didn't like the first then you won't like the second I think.

        I agree with the reviewer regarding the terror aspect - the first built it up a little more, this is more action-adventure than horror. It reminds me of Resident Evil 4 in many ways.

        Can't wait for #3 :D

  2. John Sanders

    I got many more scares from...

    Fallout 3's Dunwich Building, than from Dead Space.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Not to mention

    the inability to re-map keys on the 1st PC version..

    Seriously? WTF?????

  4. Les Matthew

    Having the PC version of the first one

    I was just happy when it didn't crash my PC.

  5. E 2


    Give me Left for Dead!

  6. Heff

    re; first game

    Same here. picked up the first one (for the PC) and the controls were so godawful I put up with him hogging the screen and stumbling into walls for ten minutes before I took it back. I hear from my console wielding buddies that it was a much better experience for them, though.

    IDK. I guess im just over cheap suspense tricks like resident evils "shuffle away from the zombies!" crap.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    Get the PS3 version

    It's better in almost every respect, and it includes Dead Space Extraction full game on the disk.

    Why they reviewed the inferior Xbox version is beyond me.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      The Xbox version suffers from some nasty texture glitches at times, has vastly inferior audio (only compressed 5.1, vs the PS3's 5.1/7.1 uncompressed), and lastly and perhaps crucially, the Xbox version comes on 2 discs and you have to swap them back and forth during the game. The PS3 version comes on 1x Blu-Ray.

      Why they reviewed the inferior Xbox version is beyond me to..

  8. Avatar of They
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    I like it.

    I had the PC version of the first game on steam and it was enthralling, thoroughly loved every minute and had to play it again just because when you finish it you get the military suit, 10 nodes and cash. So I played it with the other three weapons I never touched and realised that entirely different things were possible, and some monsters couldn't be killed with some weapons. Never crashed, never hiccuped and runs smooth. Full graphics and once you get controls sorted, it is brilliant. Even the bits that are very similr to event horizon or doom 3.

    I bought the deadspace extraction game for the wii because I wanted to see what went on to start with on the planet.

    Playing through the second game now and it is just as slick, runs just as smoothly. Given it is a new release and so many releases are not tested and run badly nowadays, this game is refreshing in that it doesn't crash, hasn't got bugs and on full spec it is clear, crisp and sweet. And it is an EA game which makes a smooth running game even rarer.

    Other comments on here seem to be on a downer but between this and something like mass effect 2 which was disappointing, or the halo genre. I would take this for quality and playability anyday. I hope mass effect 3 is like this and not the money spinning pile of crap the second installment was.

    1. Heff


      Err what? ME2 was shit and you had no issues with Deadspace 1 on the PC?

      sorry, my suspension of disbelief just crashed.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Dead Space 2

      Yes the game looks good and runs well, one slight issue (reported by a lot of people) when running on Win 7 x64 you can't save game progress at the save stations. There seem to be two versions of this issue, one with a half arsed work around and the one I'm suffering from. In the first one save station open and close immediately, a work around is to alt - tab out of the game and go back in (that seems to work for some but not all), others have to load a game from an early save station and play large parts of the game over and over again. My issue is that save stations open fine but I can't save any progress, EA support have no fix for this yet and just gave me a load of things to try that I'd already tried and had found via Google prior to contacting them. So yes the game looks good but it's a bit like a scifi groundhog day right now.

      Stear clear until a fix / patch is available .

  9. Huw Jenkins

    Borked port?

    I loved the first dead space but the PC version was a borked port. The control mechanism almost made it too painful to play, if I hadn't have bought it on the cheap from Steam. I would have been pissed off.

    Lets hope the put some effort into making is play well.

  10. Rattus Rattus

    Should've reviewed the PC version

    then we could have had an answer to the most pressing of questions - did they or did they not completely fuck up the control scheme again?

    On the first one I had to go into config files and give the mouse four times the maximum sensitivity the onscreen slider allowed just to allow Isaac to turn around in less than a minute.

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