back to article TalkTalk talks job cuts

TalkTalk, the broadband provider spun off from CarphoneWarehouse, is cutting jobs. The company held meetings with staff this morning as part of the consultation process. In total 580 jobs will go as part of a major restructure. TalkTalk is the result of several mergers and takeovers, including Tiscali UK. Chief Executive …


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  1. AndrueC Silver badge
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    ..that should help improve customer service.


    1. Badem

      Not Really

      I fail to see how you come to the conclusion that the redundancies will effect customers?

      AS the article clearly states TTR and TTT are now made up of three different businesses (Talk Talk, Tiscali and AOL) and they are simply saying 'Well we don't really need three IT teams, Three Provisioning teams, Three Finance teams, Three Tea makers, Three stooges' and are instead integrating them into a single unified Support function able to actually communicate and respond to issues more quickly.

      Simply put? they are preventing themselves turning into BT where there are more chiefs than Indians and even a visit to the Toilet needs 4 votes and 10 meetings before another is called about which way to flush.......

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    2. Anonymous Coward


      Front line services are not affected, so lets see

  2. Aristotles slow and dimwitted horse

    The theory is right...

    But how about the practice...

    History has told us time and again that these mergers are never easy on any front, but then again they seem to have taken their time over this so perhaps they have a very good buiness blueprint, approach and delivery plan.

  3. clint11

    It might be a good thing

    If it gets rid of the "about as useful as a chocolate fire guard" that TalkTalk call Customer Service it can only be a good thing. In saying that, the could not give a damn attitude about the customer starts at the very top of this company.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Jobs available

    IT jobs are still being advertised (the location is Manchester).

    18 Month contracts - even their own comparison on their own web site shows that Sky Broadband, with only a 12 month contract, is much better value for money. OK, Sky tie you down to an 802.11G router and you are funding the Murdoch clan...

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  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    My two cents...

    Whilst I appreciate that a business should look at streamlining to improve, I would suggest that redundancy is not the way forward. Given the track record for TalkTalk and quality of service issues, even by their own admission, is not very reputable and should be of their highest priority.

    Reading up on the group you see that each of the component companies are profitable, which suggests that a little thought could mean a big change.

    If I was heading up the company, I would be thinking outside of box a little and use the restructuring idea, not to line the pockets of the investor and shareholders (just yet) and instead to free up the workload of 580 people to be used around the business with the aim of improving customer service and building a repuation that you would expect of such a large company.

    The only cost so far, is the implications of changing a load of job descriptions, boo hoo.

    With 580 people, you have to assume that there would be some improvement in the quality of service, even if only small. Managed well, it could have huge potential and from that you stop losing your customers to BT (etc), gain new customers as the reputation improves and voila, make more money for your investors and shareholders, as a stronger and better company.

    Have I missed something?

    Oh, yes, you've not thrown 580 people out onto the street in a particularly difficult financial climate, some of whom are quite likey to struggle in the search for a new job.

    It's not rocket science, really!

  7. Anonymous Coward
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    TalkTalk got it completely wrong !

    TALKTALK redundancy decision based on trying to improve customer service? ah ah ah...they got it completely wrong !

    If you want your employees to take care of your customers look after your own staff first, care about them, help them grown, appraise them, be fair...And get rid of all those selfish directors and managers who are not doing any of that. If only people knew what it really happening at TalkTalk.

    And just one advise to the TalkTalk employees just 'LinkedIn' and maybe other clever broadband companies who care about their staff will hire you because you are worth it and TalkTalk can see it. Best of luck to all the people who have been made redundant. Peace !

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