back to article Storage array vendors vs. the cloud

Storage array vendors have a problem with their customers storing data in the cloud. They already sell to these customers but cloud service providers are cannier buyers typically and may favour cheaper and cloud-specific kit from other suppliers. What should storage array vendors do? Their value is not in the disk drive …


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  1. IO-IO
    Thumb Down

    steaming pile of...

    I suggest you read up on some basic laws of physics..

    With most organisations clammering for low-latency disk solutions using SSD there will always be a massive market for disk vendors to provide online tier 1 and 2 disk. It does not matter how creative you get with network optimisation the technology will never allow for anything more than archival or backup data to be sent cloudwards.

    Most organisations are focused on the private cloud which, guess what, exists on their own infrastructure.

    Stop beating the cloud horse to death and recognise it for what it is...

    (and please get some adult supervision for your next ramblings)

  2. maclovinz


    Seriously, okay, I'll say the word...."cloud" STFU.

  3. Kev99 Silver badge

    Cloud users are fools

    Any IT manager worth his salt, or with any integrity, would not allow his company's data be out of his control, which is exactly what "cloud" computing does. Apparently those who espouse the virtues of the cloud have never heard of worms, viruses (viri?), phishing, spam, trojans, backdoors, etc. It's hard enough to secure a data center, but when everyone and his brother can access it using who knows what, security goes down the crapper. Besides, "isn't "the cloud" today's politically term for "VPN" or maybe even "distributive computing" (think IBM 360 old iron)?

  4. Ant Evans

    Where is your storage value, Mr. storage array supplier?

    It is at the storage customer - the cloud service provider.

  5. Twit

    Balanced view?

    Been buying riverbed stock recently?

  6. maclovinz


    I'm wondering where the legislation is that dictates proper security and location of cloud information.

    The people that sign up for their cloud plans also need to understand that it is quite possible that their data is stored outside the US, so subject to totally different laws, etc. NO company with sensitive information should have anything in "the cloud". The problem is that the people making decisions about the cost-benefit of cloud storage don't understand the implications behind sending all that information TO the cloud.....or some war-torn jungle in Africa, no offense to the wonderful continent.

    Think of the capacity ISPs will need to have to accommodate all the extra bandwidth being used. Holy crap it'll be outta control. Access times will decrease for many/if not all, and not every packet sent between may be completely secured.

    if you look at the average amount of data sent around a LAN and just say, okay we'll send this all out into the Internet......"DAMN" is all I have to say.

    BEER, cuz I need a drink to CLOUD my mind after perpetually hearing this CLOUDY nonsense.

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