back to article Intel pumps $100m into university research

Intel is launching a $100M, five-year program to juice university research in the US on advanced computing projects, an effort that will attempt to walk the fine line between pure research and marketable product development. "What makes this different from other industry efforts to engage the academic researcher is that we're …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Erm... Philanthropy or enlightened self interest?

    Both really (I didn't realise they were mutually exclusive hence logical progression to inclusive OR)

  2. Tron

    A good way to cherry-pick talent.

    Relatively cost effective and good PR too.

    Microsoft Research Cambridge kicked off in 1997. Same deal.

  3. Stinky
    Thumb Down

    Hope they give to those at the bottom

    Hard to call this charity or goodwill when you see the likes of Stanford and Harvard at the top of the list These two combine have endowments more then most third world countries. If they really wanted to help out the US educational system they would have started at the bottom giving money to state colleges and community colleges

  4. stizzleswick

    They won't give to those at the bottom...

    ...they'll funnel the money they hope to save on in-house research (which is expensive!!!!!) into the best research-oriented universities (Harvard, Standford, MIT, Erlangen-Nuernberg, Bangalore, the lot)... because that way they'll get the patents (as per donation contract) stemming from the research, the research results, and so on, for practically free (since money donated can be deducted from taxes). Beautiful setup, really.

    On the plus side, I see a bundle of research topics in there to allow university students to qualify for high-paying jobs in the future. Which will then be voided by another donation which will dump their line of research on a bunch of universities... etc...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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