back to article Google buys social network-compatible voicemail operation

Google has splashed out on SayNow, a start-up service that provides celebrities with Twitter-like voicemail, as it tries to take voice into the 21st century. SayNow is only five years old, but claims 15 million people use its SayNow Broadcast service, which delivers celebrity soundbites to interested fans while enabling them …


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  1. L1feless


    and how fast before the all mighty Facebook removes this apps ability to link into Facebook? Google is in a good position in the market. I'm hoping to see some major progress with integration of a new Social network with Gmail, Google voice, search. I am also hoping that Google begins to venture into the entertainment content market space as well. What they really need to do is open Google TV networks with streaming online content on YouTube, naturally driven by advertising revenue from targeted ads. Imagine watching TV and seeing adverts being displayed which are relevant to you. Oh ABC, CBS and Global will be oh so jealous. Unlike Facebook I am strangely OK with Google knowing information about me to display appropriate ads. I find their services useful.

  2. Anonymous Coward


    " everyone connects via their Facebook profiles"

    Only the feeble use facebook, come-on, catchup!!

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