back to article Egypt slams lid on protests, Twitter

The Egyptian government has banned further protests against the long rule of President Mubarak and shut off access to Twitter after a day of violent protests left three people dead. Protests, and reaction to them, left two protesters and one policeman dead. The government today banned any more demonstrations and said …


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  1. M man

    id tweet about it but..

    "We mean that we prefer users in Egypt (or elsewhere) to speak for how Twitter is being used (or not) instead of us."

    yeah how do they comment[speak] if thier means of comment has been cut off?

  2. John G Imrie

    arrested and charged.

    Shouldn't that be charged and those left standing arrested?

  3. JaitcH

    Another freedom loving bosom mate of the U.S.A.

    Ever notice how the U.S.A. enjoys 'close relations' with many of the dictators of this world - at the same time spewing 'human rights' to other countries.

    Not that I support Mubarak - the problem arises when he, or any other dictator, dies - mayhem often follows. In Egypt's case it is the Muslim's who are demonstrating.

    The biggest problem is the Suez Canal through which much of Euro trade passes.

    Another war, anyone?

    1. Paratrooping Parrot

      Where is the support from the US?

      All the fuss about Iran, how come the US have been completely silent about Tunisia and Egypt? Oh is it because those dictators support the US while destroying the economy of the country as well as the human rights? Do you think that the US have deals with "extraordinary rendition" with them?

    2. alien anthropologist

      phobioc commentard

      "In Egypt's case it is the Muslim's who are demonstrating."

      As much as I dislike all forms of formal religion (the bureaucracy between us and god), your statement is utter and pure bullshit.

      No it not "Muslims" that are demonstrating.

      It is men. It is women. It is students. It is professors. It is middle class Egypt. And on the religion side, it is Muslims and Christians.

      But no, you want to taint the protests with a Muslim brush. WTF for?

  4. E 2

    @M man, JaitcH, Paratrooping Parrot

    I suggest you three ppl look up the definition of 'realpolitik'.

    Fact is that Egypt at peace with Israel is very important in several ways to the USA. Boot out Mubarek and the devil you do not know might abrogate the peace treaty. Thus status-quo wins the day. This is not rocket science.

    Eds: could we have a Henry Kissinger icon added to the list?

  5. E 2

    @alien anthropologist

    Indeed! Well said.

    The 'Muslim' charge qua protests in Egypt makes about as much sense as a 'Christian' charge against a political demo in USA or Canada or Europe or Oz or NZ.

    Statistically/demographically what else would they be? Such a charge means nothing.

    The OP is playing prejudice.

  6. Socrates
    Black Helicopters

    Actually *ALL* of Egypt is now gone

    The Egyptian government has pulled the plug on all it's ISPs - the whole country is off the air...

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